Engage stakeholders, maximize value for money and allocate resources fairly and transparently.

Public sector organizations are increasingly accountable for the ‘quality’ of their spending and investment decisions, and for how they allocate their resources.

Being seen to be pursuing high quality spending and avoiding low quality spending is very important – taxpayers demand it!

1000minds delivers solutions to a wide variety of important decision-making problems in the public sector.

In particular, for example, 1000minds can help you compare the value for money of alternatives and allocate resources in a consistent way that’s easily communicated to stakeholders, including the general public (and government ministers, if appropriate).

Customisable processes for group decision-making are also available, involving as many participants as you like – 10s, 100s or 1000s, depending on you want to do.

Our government clients include

Bristol City Council
London Borough of Sutton
NZ Defence Force
Dairy Australia
NZ Police
Ministry of Science and Innovation
Environmental Risk Management Authority
Statistics New Zealand
London Borough of Lambeth
Sheep Ireland
Treasury NZ
Alberta Health Services
National Health Board
Greater Wellington Regional Council
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Ministry of Economic Development
Dunedin City Council

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