Prioritize pharmaceuticals, medical devices, equipment, procedures and other health technologies.

Health decision-makers have to grapple with how best to allocate new funding as it becomes available. They must choose from entirely new technologies as well as, potentially, how much more to spend on existing technologies.

Such choices involves confronting trade-offs between multiple objectives or criteria, and so methods based on Multi-Criteria Decision-Making are increasingly popular.

Peer-reviewed publications

About the use of 1000minds for health technology prioritization.

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Conference Papers

  • T Sullivan, J Ward, P Hansen, N Devlin, F Ombler & S Derrett, “A new approach for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets: provisional results from development and pilot-testing in New Zealand”, poster presentation and ‘elevator pitch’, 3rd EuroQol Group Academy Meeting 2018, Budapest, Hungary, 2018

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