Neck-to-neck fight for the GES Awards 2005

Entrepolis Daily, 26 September 2005

By Liyana Othman

The finalists for the Global Entrepolis @Singapore award come from distinctly different backgrounds but have one thing in common – they either improve business productivity or the quality of life.

From New Zealand, the wizards over at Point Wizard have developed a programme to organize information with a combination of different criteria. Using “pairwise trade-offs”, the system ranks the user’s preferences to help the user make decisions.

Another contender for the award who also wants to make life simpler is Singapore’s System Access financial services software for management and delivery of banking services. From Malaysia, ViTrox Technologies Sdn. Bhd is improving how companies look for defects in micro chips.

India’s REVA Electric Car is an invention people will rave about. Not only does is it environmentally- friendly, and would be a likely solution in looming energy crises, it’s already being sold not just in India but in the U.K. To capture people while they’re away from their TV sets, Focus Media Holding from China has an outdoor advertising network while Hong Kong Broadband Network has a speedy broadband service for those who are never away from their PCs.

Using Metro Ethernet, which can pump 100 megabits a second, users will benefit from a bandwidth so large that they can download an album’s worth of music in a few snaps of their fingers, watch television that’s internet-based or even send huge parts of videos online.

The GES Awards will be presented by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The winners will be announced today at the opening ceremony, 5pm.

Finalist Country Innovation
Focus Media Holding China Outdoor advertising
Hong Kong Broadband Network Hong Kong High speed internet
REVA Electric Car India Energy-efficient electric car
System Access Singapore Software for delivery and management of banking
ViTrox Technologies Malaysia Defect-checking method for micro chips
Point Wizard New Zealand Software system for ranking diagnosing of medical patients