New features – Sept 2012

September 2012

We've been busy over the last few months making award-winning 1000minds even better!

Look and feel

  1. The most striking difference for existing 1000minds users will be the revamped look and feel thanks to the expert assistance of Chopchop Design.
  2. There is now more efficient use of screen real estate, allowing for wider tables and the most important user interface elements are brought to the fore.
  3. The way trade-off questions are presented for decision-making is clearer.
  4. You will also notice a quicker route to the login from At first you will be prompted for which service to use (as with the old Login page), but you can now select not to be prompted for this whenever you login.
  5. We are also making use of radar charts for visualizing preference values and performance.

Interactive charts

  1. On the "your selections" (aka "value for money") page you can now interact directly with the alternatives on the chart. This greatly improves the experience of selecting alternatives subject to a budget constraint, making it much easier in boardroom settings.
  2. You can now also zoom into sections of the chart, which is especially useful if you have many alternatives to consider.

Survey tools

  1. We have improved the clarity of the charts that are used to report survey results when undertaking group decision-making, and introduced the radar chart (as above) to these pages as well.
  2. You can now change the participant IDs that are used in the results to be names or email addresses or even arbitrary numeric identifiers. This is especially useful for surveys with large numbers of participants (hundreds or thousands) and for anonymous surveys.
  3. You can now export the status of participant progress to Excel. For preferences surveys, this also includes the number of decisions they have made.
  4. You can now clear a participant's survey response. This is especially useful during testing when you want to iteratively make changes to a model (which would be locked if it had responses) and test the impact on the survey.
  5. Individual decision survey results can now be displayed to the survey respondent when they have completed the survey.
  6. Two new features we released a month or so ago are also worth mentioning: if you need to rebrand a survey, please talk to us, and web addresses for surveys are now much shorter and partially customizable.


  1. Boxes for formatted text now start small but automatically grow (up to a point) to fit text.
  2. Bug fix: occasionally Excel would complain about the format of spreadsheets. This has been fixed.
  3. Various other reliability and performance improvements have been made.

Your feedback please!

We'd love to hear from you if you have other suggestions for how we can further improve 1000minds.