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New tool to help prioritize people for COVID-19 vaccinations

January 2021 Health, Highlights

To support countries battling the pandemic, 1000minds has made available a tool to help with prioritizing people to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. Read more »

New Zealand health agencies use 1000minds to develop a general surgery prioritization tool

October 2020 Health, Research, Highlights

1000minds was used to develop a national prioritization tool for elective general surgery in New Zealand, which could be applicable to other OECD countries. Read more »

1000minds tool to help doctors prioritize COVID-19 patients for intensive care

September 2020 Health, Research, Highlights

1000minds was used to create an online tool for prioritizing Covid-19 patients for intensive care (e.g. respirators, life support) if ICUs are overwhelmed. Read more »

A new online tool for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets

January 2020 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

Research results for a new online tool based on 1000minds for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets, for measuring people's health-related quality of life, is reported. Read more »

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) in healthcare decision-making

April 2019 Health, Research, Highlights

A survey article about the use of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (including 1000minds) for health sector decision-making appeared in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance. Read more »

1000minds used to prioritize drug-resistant bacterial infections to guide R&D into new antibiotics

September 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

The World Health Organization used 1000minds to create a Priority Pathogens List (PPL) of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to support R&D into new and effective drugs. Read more »

New SLE criteria under development: A joint effort of the ACR and EULAR

August 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

1000minds was used to create a new set of criteria for classifying systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a potentially severe autoimmune disease. Read more »

ACR/EULAR response criteria approved for adult and juvenile myositis

April 2017 Health, Research, 1000minds

1000minds was used to create response criteria for adult and juvenile sufferers of myositis, a systemic autoimmune disease. Read more »

Treatments better than antibiotics need developing “now”

March 2017 1000minds, Health, Research

Following the publication of the WHO’s list of 12 deadly diseases in most need of R&D – created using 1000minds – researchers warn New Zealand against complacency. Read more »

1000minds helps World Health Organization prioritize deadliest diseases

February 2017 Health, Research, 1000minds

Created using 1000minds, the World Health Organization published a list of antibiotic-resistant diseases to help prioritize R&D into new antibiotics globally. Read more »

Software co-inventor off to WHO

January 2017 1000minds, Health, Research

Led by the World Health Organization and the University of Tübingen, 70 international specialists are using 1000minds to prioritize antimicrobial-resistant diseases for R&D into new antibiotics. Read more »

Tool developed to assess autoinflammatory disease burden

December 2016 Health, Research

1000minds was used to develop a tool to assess autoinflammatory disease burden, known as the autoinflammatory disease damage index (ADDI). Read more »

Combining multi-criteria decision analysis and mini-health technology assessment

January 2016 Health, Research

A funding decision-support tool suitable for assessing medical devices for individual patient use in French university hospitals was created using 1000minds. Read more »

ACR: Criteria enable prompt diagnosis and treatment of CAPS

November 2015 Health, Research

New diagnostic criteria for cryopyrin-associated periodic syndromes (CAPS) created using 1000minds were presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology. Read more »

ACR: New Sjögren’s classification criteria on the way

November 2015 Health, Research

New classification criteria for Sjögren’s syndrome created using 1000minds are ready for sign-off by the American College of Rheumatology and the European League Against Rheumatism. Read more »

Development of preliminary remission criteria for gout using Delphi and 1000minds

September 2015 Health, Research

Delphi and 1000minds consensus exercises were used to establish consensus for potential remission criteria for use in clinical trials of gout. Read more »

Ko Awatea International Excellence in Health Improvement Award

September 2015 Health, Research, Awards

“The Waikato rheumatology electronic referral project” – for creating, using 1000minds, a new electronic referral and triage system for rheumatology patients. Read more »

2015 Gout Classification Criteria: An ACR/ELAR Collaborative Initiative

September 2015 Health, Research

International researchers, supported by the American College of Rheumatology and the European League Against Rheumatism, developed new classification criteria for gout using 1000minds. Read more »

Development of a points system for determining access to rheumatology services

August 2015 Health, Research

A group of clinicians used 1000minds to create a points system for determining access to rheumatology services in New Zealand. Read more »

New ACR EULAR Guidelines for Systemic Sclerosis Classification

May 2015 Health, Research

An international team of experts used 1000minds to create disease classification criteria for systemic sclerosis, to identify homogenous groups of subjects for participation in research studies. Read more »

Which drugs, medical procedures and equipment should be funded?

April 2015 Health, Government

All health systems must grapple with how best to allocate their scarce resources across the myriad health 'technologies' – drugs, medical procedures, equipment, etc – that are potentially available. Read more »

Access to health care – Radio New Zealand

July 2013 Health, Government

Paul Hansen discusses access to health care in New Zealand, including the use of 1000minds for prioritizing patients for surgery as well as PHARMAC’s role in deciding which drugs and devices to buy. Read more »

A new framework for prioritizing health technologies

January 2013 Research, Health, News releases, Highlights

The Value for Money Chart is a framework for health technology prioritization to help policymakers consider benefits, costs, evidence and 'X-factors'. Read more »

A process for prioritizing patients for health services

August 2012 Health, News releases, Research

A new process for creating points systems for prioritizing patients for access to elective health services is described, based on 1000minds. Read more »

Treatment-priority survey

October 2010 Health, Government

If you had to rank 14 health treatments ranging from hip replacements to drugs for erectile dysfunction according to their benefit or value to society, how would you do it? Read more »

Treatment priorities focus of survey

October 2010 Health, Government

How to decide which patients should be given priority treatment in a public health system that has limited funding is a question that should be discussed. Read more »

ACR & EULAR debut new RA classification criteria in August

August 2010 Health, Research

This month, the ACR and the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) will release new rheumatoid arthritis (RA) classification criteria. Read more »

Computer may prioritize certain health basket drugs

September 2009 Health, Government, Highlights

New software developed in New Zealand and improved in Israel may be used in choosing medications for the health basket. Read more »

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe...

July 2008 Health, Government

In every public health system in the world there are never enough so-called ‘elective’ (or non-emergency) services available for everyone who could potentially benefit from them. Read more »

Computer prioritization, Radio NZ

February 2007 Health, Government

Interviews with Deputy Police Commission Lyn Provost on prioritizing investigation of crimes, and Dr Ray Naden on prioritizing access to elective Health services. Read more »

Digital decisions: software being trialled in health

February 2007 Health, Government

The health ministry has secretly been trialling Dr Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler's computer software to prioritize patients on some waiting lists. Read more »

Valid, transparent & fair decision-making processes for access to elective health care

June 2006 Health, Government, Our awards

Deciding who gets publicly-funded heart surgery is difficult but the use of world-class internet based software is providing a fairer system for patients. Read more »

Point Wizard conjures magic

September 2005 Our awards, Health

1000minds is a finalist in The Asian Wall Street Journal’s annual Asian Innovation Awards later this month. Read more »

Winner! TUANZ Healthcare Award 2005

August 2005 Our awards, Health

Point Wizard [1000minds] won the 2005 TUANZ Healthcare Award. Read more »