News articles tagged ‘Marketing research’

Project involving 1000minds named Australasian Project of the Year 2021

March 2022 Climate change, Government, Highlights, Awards, Marketing research

1000minds played a key role in Dunedin City Council’s (DCC) and WSP’s St Clair to St Kilda Coastal Plan engagement project, which was awarded “Australasian Project of the Year”. Read more »

Economic psychology applied to business: Designing a mobile-banking app

July 2016 Research, Marketing research

Concepts from behavioral economics – also known as economic psychology – were used, with support from 1000minds, to generate insights for improving a mobile-banking app. Read more »

An attribute prioritization-based segmentation of the Chinese consumer market for fruit juice

September 2015 Research, Marketing research

1000minds is used to study how Chinese consumers prioritize product attributes like brand, nutrition, shelf-life, price and manufacturing country when making fruit juice purchasing decisions. Read more »