To be able to explain the results of your survey, you need to be able to explain who answered it. Here are some different ways you can get your survey in front of the right people.

If you know the people already

If you are surveying a group people you already know, e.g. your customers or colleagues, you can load their email addresses into 1000minds to send from there, or you can create a link (URL) for the survey within 1000minds and send the link from your own email system. The latter is recommended as you are likely to get more engagement from an email sent by someone trusted – you!

If you know where they hang out

If you know what your audience looks at, e.g. a Facebook page, Reddit, your customer portal, a train station or a milk carton, you can share a link to your survey there.

Snowball sampling

If your survey is interesting enough, you might be able to share your survey with a small group of people, and at the end of the survey ask them to share it on social media, by email etc, essentially creating a snowball effect (read the Wikipedia article).


You can use Facebook advertising, Google AdWords etc to create targeted advertisements for your survey. This can be useful if your survey is interesting enough, or if your advertisement offers a reward.

Survey panels

You can procure a sample of participants from a survey panel provider or market research company. This is particularly useful if you need a sample to be demographically representative, for example. Such panels often have information from their panelists that let you target your survey according to their demographics or interests.

1000minds services

If you would like our help sourcing participants for your survey, we can engage a survey panel provider on your behalf and run the survey for you. Our preferred supplier for panels that we manage is Cint. Cint boast over 100+ million panellists across 150 countries, providing us with an online dashboard so that we can price, automate and report on the survey process for you.