Examples of 1000minds Decision Making applications.

Health decision-making

  • Prioritizing patients for access to elective (non-urgent) health care (more »)

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  • Prioritizing spending on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, equipment, procedures, etc (more »)

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  • Identifying criteria for classifying and diagnosing diseases (more »)

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  • Identifying and prioritizing treatment guidelines (more »)

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  • Prioritizing infectious diseases for R&D (more »)

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Responding to climate change

  • Comparing the value for money of possible geo-engineering responses to climate change, such as space sun shades, cloud whitening and tree planting

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  • Researching how home owners value the various aspects of rooftop photovoltaic systems when they think about using them to power their homes

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Land use and urban planning

  • Selecting waste landfill sites based on trade-offs between interested parties, and applying the approach to a large city in South Korea
  • Investigating factors influencing business location decisions and how they will affect New Zealand’s future urban forms if transport fuel costs rise
  • Researching current and future housing choices of the residents of a small city (Dunedin) and the implications for urban planning

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Prioritizing police work

  • Prioritizing police investigations of criminal activity and the deployment of resources based on criteria such as seriousness and ‘solvability’

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Environmental impact assessments

  • Prioritizing responses to pollution of streams and storm water drains based on assessing environmental, community, regulatory and logistical considerations
  • Evaluating residents’ willingness to trade-off the expected costs and benefits associated with the construction of a cement factory in a rural area

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  • Creating an efficient Quality-of-Service-based resource scheduling algorithm based on factors such as CPU speed, memory, bandwidth, etc.
  • Assigning credibility indices to web-based documents based on multiple criteria related to the documents’ characteristics such as date, type, quality, etc.

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Judging competitions

  • Judging theatre awards entries for best design, promotion, visiting production, script, male and female performers, director and production of the year
  • Ranking new business ideas and selecting finalists, based on quality of product or service, originality, and commercial potential or community good

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Awarding scholarships

  • Creating a points system for awarding scholarships based on students’ grade point average, past research performance and ‘fit’ with department’s research programs

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Helping students choose courses

  • Tools to help young people – and their parents, teachers, etc – to rank subjects they might like to major in at university based on their skills and interests

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