1000minds tools and processes for Decision Making and Conjoint Analysis are widely applicable.

1000minds is useful in the sectors summarised below – and see our case studies and publications. We can also help you build customized decision-support solutions.

1000minds is also available for consultants and consulting firms, leveraging their domain expertise, to work with their own clients to solve important decision problems.

In addition to our valued business and government clients, we’re honoured that 1000minds is used at 450+ universities and other research organizations worldwide – confirming our scientific validity and user-friendliness (see our awards).

1000minds’ ‘4 Es

The benefits of using 1000minds can be succinctly summarised under the following headings.


  • Make good decisions!
  • Avoid bad decisions!
  • Evidence-based and repeatable
  • Value-for-money analysis


  • User-friendly
  • Fast and scalable
  • Lower decision-making costs
  • Incrementally improvable


  • Fair
  • Consistent
  • Transparent
  • Defensible


  • Inclusive
  • Participatory
  • Team-building
  • Influential