We support academics and students with discounted academic licenses.

Also, academic awards to use 1000minds for free are available to academics and students unable to pay for a license.

However, if your research project is funded from a grant or in some other way so that you can afford to buy one of our discounted academic licenses – e.g. as part of your grant or from your available funding – we’d prefer you arrange a license with us.

(And it seems fair that if you’re happy to pay a research company to administer your survey and/or recruit your participants, then you should buy a 1000minds academic license too.)

Please contact us to arrange an academic license.

Or contact us to request an academic award, and we’ll send you an application form. Applications are assessed and approved on a quarterly basis, but in the meantime we suggest you get started with a free trial immediately.

Tell us about your project

We’d like to mention your project on our research projects page, as this inspires others – as well as making us very proud! Please send us your details.

And see potential research ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

Research citation

To mention 1000minds in your research, we recommend something like:

“1000minds software (www.1000minds.com), implementing the PAPRIKA method (Hansen & Ombler 2008)”

The above reference for the article underpinning the PAPRIKA method is:

P Hansen & F Ombler (2008), “A new method for scoring multi-attribute value models using pairwise rankings of alternatives”, Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 15, 87-107.