Make better business decisions – saving you time and money and increasing return on investment.

Making good decisions can be difficult, and the consequences of bad decisions can be very costly in time, money and reputation.

Identifying the relevant objectives or criteria for the decision at hand and determining their relative importance, or ‘weights’, usually requires both informed judgements and specialised techniques.

1000minds delivers solutions to a wide variety of important business decision-making problems.

In particular, for example, 1000minds can help you compare the value for money of alternatives and allocate resources in a defensible way that can be easily communicated to stakeholders.

Customizable processes for group decision-making are also available, involving as many participants as you like – 10s, 100s or 1000s of people, depending on your application.

Our business clients include

VTT Technical Research Centre
National Business Review, Audacious Competition
Precision Sport Science
Sheep Ireland
Dairy NZ
Irish Cattle Breeding Federation
Dairy Australia
Definitive Business Solutions
NZ Institute of Economic Research
Beef + Lamb New Zealand
BVC Investments
Rockwell Automation

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