Our solutions have many possible applications across the public sector.

Social services

  • Identifying children and families at risk
  • Targeting social assistance


  • Ranking projects
  • Allocating infrastructure spending
  • Assets management

Police and emergency services

  • Prioritizing situational responses

Military and defence

  • Prioritizing ‘special projects’
  • Personnel assessment
  • Capital budgeting

Homeland security

  • Prioritizing tactical responses to terrorism
  • Assessing intelligence material


  • Points Systems for selecting immigrants


  • Evaluating supplier proposals
  • Assessing value for money and allocating budgets

Research funding

  • Ranking funding applications
  • Allocating research budgets
  • Providing feedback to applicants

Innovation funding

  • Ranking investment opportunities
  • Allocating budgets
  • Portfolio management

Strategic planning

  • Prioritizing goals, objectives, strategic directions, etc

Local government

  • Prioritizing investment projects
  • Ranking community grants

Environmental management

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Responding to climate change
  • Environmental management and ethics
  • Planning notifications

Urban planning

  • Discovering preferences of businesses and residents


  • Awarding scholarships
  • Helping students choose courses
  • Admitting students to restricted courses – e.g. medical, dental, veterinary and law schools

Competition judging

  • Ranking entries
  • Selecting finalists and prize-winners