1000minds is extensively used for prioritizing patients for access to elective (non-urgent) health care.

In health systems worldwide there is insufficient capacity to be able to treat all patients for elective health services immediately. Patients must therefore be prioritized for access to treatment.

Since 2004, 1000minds has worked with New Zealand’s Ministry of Health and clinicians to develop processes for creating tools to prioritize patients, and also to implement these tools in clinician information systems and prioritization web services.

Inspired by NZ’s success (see case study, awards), 1000minds is also used for prioritizing patients in Canada, and for prioritizing social services, including health care, for people in need in the UK.

During the Covid-19 crisis ... 1000minds is being used to create tools for prioritizing patients for intensive care (e.g. ventilators) and for prioritizing policy responses (social distancing and reducing contagiousness). We have templates available that you can adapt for your own needs (please contact us).

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