Decision-Making Software

1000Minds software (web-based) helps you make good decisions efficiently, transparently and fairly. Our decision models are fast and scaleable.

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Prioritisation Tools

1000Minds helps you prioritise alternatives or individuals in a consistent, fair and defensible way that’s easily communicated to stakeholders.

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Value for Money

Our decision-making tools help you consider the ‘value for money’ of alternatives (eg. projects, investments) and allocate resources efficiently.

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Conjoint Analysis

Discover what matters to people (potentially 1000s) when choosing things – useful for choice modelling, public policy and marketing research.

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Group Decision-Making

Create decision-making surveys and other activities for distribution to as many participants as you like – eg. 10s or 100s (even 1000s!) of people.

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    Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine
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    Colorado State University - Pueblo
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    Commerce Commission
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    International Organisation
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    Irish Cattle Breeding Federation