Paul Hansen's Inaugural Professorial Lecture

Choices are the hinges of destiny.” (Pythagoras, c. 500 BC)... Can we help people make better ones?

Paul has had the privilege of spending most of his life at Otago studying and teaching Economics, which he loves. These days, most of Paul’s research is focused on health economics and multiple Criteria decision-making, with emphasis on priority-setting and resource allocation, especially via his software, 1000minds (, which he invented with Franz Ombler.

Together with Julian Moller and other colleagues, they provide 1000minds to New Zealand and international users – including businesses, governments, charities, researchers and students at more than 200 universities worldwide.

During his 30-year Otago career Paul has also been a contractor for Google, an advisor to the World Health Organization, been seconded to the Treasury and consulted for PHARMAC, Housing New Zealand and the Ministry of Health. In 2009-10 he served on the Medicines Review Panel, which contributed to a major expansion of PHARMAC’s roles.

Paul's inaugural professorial lecture was streamed live on 17 September 2018. 

What's With That? column commentary:

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