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Our goal is for your project to be an outstanding success and for everyone who uses 1000minds to feel they’re getting excellent value.

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Chat with us

We’d love to chat with you about what you want to achieve with 1000minds so we can help you. 1000minds is designed for a wide range of applications, and we have a wealth of experience we’re happy to share with you. We can also discuss licensing arrangements.

Clear pricing

As well as talking with us, we understand that some people would like to see our pricing information right away. Therefore, our most popular software and support packages, along with pricing details tailored to a variety of circumstances, are outlined below.

Additional services

As well as 1000minds software and support, we also offer ad hoc consulting and facilitation (mostly online) of 1000minds-based workshops, including preparation and follow-up if required. We can also provide advice and support with integrating your 1000minds outputs with other systems.

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Health decision-making and prioritization

Reduce uncertainty and allocate scarce resources efficiently for better patient health outcomes with 1000minds’ user-friendly tools and processes.

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Engineering and infrastructure decision-making

Create prioritization tools for asset and project management based on the knowledge and experience of engineering and infrastructure experts and potentially other stakeholders.

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Human resources decision-making

Survey employees to better understand their workplace experiences and aspirations, and use 1000minds for evaluating and ranking job candidates.

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Market research (self-service conjoint analysis)

Survey people to discover how they feel about the attributes or characteristics of your products, management processes or government services or policies.

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General decision-making

Harness 1000minds’ user-friendly tools and group decision-making processes to make important decisions based on ranking, prioritizing or choosing between alternatives.

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Preferences research

Explore choices made by experts and stakeholders, evaluate their variability, or “noisiness”, and build expert systems for more valid and reliable decision-making.

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Breeding and agri-business decision-making

Survey breeding experts to identify desirable traits in farmed animals and plants, and use 1000minds for agri-business decision-making, including allocating resources.

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Research and funding prioritization

Create tools and systems for identifying important research questions or topics for investigation, and for evaluating and ranking grant applications for funding.

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Expert systems: integration and automation

Use 1000minds to create decision-making tools, and then build bespoke systems to support your organization’s prioritization and decision-making workflows.

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Academics, researchers and students

We support academics, other researchers and students worldwide by offering academic licenses, and 1000minds is also available for teaching.

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1000minds is a powerful addition to the toolkit of consultants who want to deliver great results and value to their clients and earn good consulting fees from doing so.

1000minds for consulting

Questions & answers

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try 1000minds for free for 15 days. You can also book a free, personalized onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Of course, please book some time with us to talk through what you want to achieve and how we can best support you.

Yes, we’re quite flexible about transferring your license between packages. In most cases it will be fairly clear about what’s required from our initial conversations but, of course, sometimes your needs will change or new opportunities will arise.

We license your use of 1000minds for a particular business purpose or project. You can invite as many others as you like (e.g. your colleagues) to work with you. They will have individual logins on 1000minds with access to project folders that you share with them. Please talk to us if you have any special requirements in this regard.

Yes, please just ask. Be sure to mention if there is any particular information your organization needs included in the quote.

Licenses are usually billed annually in advance. We’ll send you an invoice and you can pay by bank transfer or credit card in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD or NZD. Let us know if your organization requires any particular information on the invoice.

Yes, 1000minds has an application instance in the European Union with all data storage and processing performed in the EU. Furthermore, 1000minds is headquartered in New Zealand, which is recognized by the European Commission as GDPR adequate. You can choose to use the EU/GDPR instance when you sign up and log in. Your license allows you to use both the EU and US instances of 1000minds if you wish.

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