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Academics and students pricing

Valid and reliable research methods

University academics, researchers at other research organizations and students need powerful and user-friendly tools for their research projects, teaching and learning.

1000minds is used for research and teaching related to decision-making or conjoint analysis, also known as discrete choice experiments (DCEs) and choice modelling, at leading universities and research organizations worldwide.

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Research projects for academics / researchers

For academics and other researchers whose projects are funded as part of a grant or from available funding, we can arrange a license that suits your circumstances.

Please talk with us about your project so we can help you.

Student-led research projects

Special heavily discounted student licenses are available for students using 1000minds for their projects. Eligibility depends on you, the student, being the project’s lead researcher – i.e. your project, thesis or dissertation.

In our experience, it’s common at many universities for your institution or department to cover your license fee to use 1000minds for you as an educational or research expense.

1000minds for teaching

As well as for research, 1000minds is widely used for teaching in many disciplines.

The skills students develop while learning about Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) or conjoint analysis are very useful, both professionally and personally – life is all about making decisions involving trade-offs!

We can enable each of your students to have their own 1000minds login so they can use the software themselves, including for class projects. Student feedback confirms that this is both empowering and fun.

Our pricing schedule (available on request) depends on how many students you have.

Full feature set

Decision-making or conjoint analysis / discrete choice experiments (DCEs)

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Use 1000minds for research into people’s preferences and decision-making based on ranking, prioritizing or choosing between alternatives.

  • Proven, peer-reviewed processes for engaging experts and stakeholders
  • 1000minds tools:
    • AI assistant (to get you started quickly)
    • Pairwise comparisons
    • “Noise auditing” (judgment variability testing)
    • Group decision-making
    • Voting and consensus
    • Inter-rater reliability
    • Validity testing
    • Value-for-money comparisons and resource allocation
    • Cross-calibration of 1000minds prioritization tools
  • Easy to set up, customizable 1000minds surveys, in any language
  • Expert support and advice
  • Revise your decision-making tools as evidence or circumstances change
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“1000minds provides an elegant, efficient and transparent way of reaching decisions about ‘wicked problems’ like sustainability that are contested by multiple ‘layers and players’ that all want their say.”

– Dr Henrik Moller

Questions & answers

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try 1000minds for free for 15 days. You can also book a free, personalized onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Of course, please book some time with us to talk through what you want to achieve and how we can best support you.

Yes, we’re quite flexible about transferring your license between packages. In most cases it will be fairly clear about what’s required from our initial conversations but, of course, sometimes your needs will change or new opportunities will arise.

We license your use of 1000minds for a particular business purpose or project. You can invite as many others as you like (e.g. your colleagues) to work with you. They will have individual logins on 1000minds with access to project folders that you share with them. Please talk to us if you have any special requirements in this regard.

Yes, please just ask. Be sure to mention if there is any particular information your organization needs included in the quote.

Licenses are usually billed annually in advance. We’ll send you an invoice and you can pay by bank transfer or credit card in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD or NZD. Let us know if your organization requires any particular information on the invoice.

Yes, 1000minds has an application instance in the European Union with all data storage and processing performed in the EU. Furthermore, 1000minds is headquartered in New Zealand, which is recognized by the European Commission as GDPR adequate. You can choose to use the EU/GDPR instance when you sign up and log in. Your license allows you to use both the EU and US instances of 1000minds if you wish.

Got a different question? Ask us!

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