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Decision-making & conjoint analysis software

A better way to decide

Discover what matters to people and make good decisions using 1000minds decision-making and conjoint analysis software.

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1000minds – helping individuals and groups make better decisions together.

A trusted partner for the world’s most ambitious decision-makers

  • World Health Organization
  • Ministry of Health, NZ
  • Google
  • Deloitte
  • Boeing

Trusted worldwide by organizations and individuals

1000minds is used globally across a wide range of industries.

15+ awards for innovation

6,000,000+ important choices made

590+ universities & research institutions

1150+ academic projects & publications


“1000minds simplifies incredibly complicated analysis to usable insights. Awesome support and expertise from the 1000minds team.”

Marlene Baquiran – Marlene Baquiran

Meet 1000minds

Our solutions

Understand what matters to people and make fair and transparent decisions with our easy-to-use tools.

Decision-making: a compass and three doors to choose from.


Make important decisions efficiently and fairly, and create powerful decision-making tools you can trust.

1000minds decision-making

Conjoint analysis: people making a trade-off choice.

Conjoint analysis

Discover what matters to consumers and stakeholders with 1000minds’ user-friendly conjoint analysis surveys.

1000minds conjoint analysis

Preferences research: 3 people looking at a dashboard of information.

Preferences research

Explore how experts and stakeholders use their intuition and confront trade-offs when making choices.

1000minds preferences research

Healthcare: medicine caduceus and open hands.


Get better patient outcomes with powerful decision-making tools that deliver valid and reliable results.

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Business: a target being smashed by a lightning bolt.


Make better decisions and do conjoint analysis with user-friendly tools you can understand and trust.

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A government building and a handshake.


Create systems for fair and transparent decision-making with as many stakeholders as you like.

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A ship’s steering wheel.


Make important decisions in an inclusive and participatory way that’s easily communicated.

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A statue: standing on the shoulders of giants.


Conduct world-class research, win grants and get published, and use 1000minds for teaching.

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How it works

User-friendly and scalable processes you can have confidence in

  1. 1. Create Start with one of our examples, or build your own model from scratch.
  2. 2. Tailor Fine-tune and refine your model by following a simple step-by-step process.
  3. 3. Run Work as a single decision-maker, together as a group or survey as many people as you like.
  4. 4. Results Understand and apply your results using a variety of graphical and analytical tools.
  • Fair and inclusive Reduce biases for more equitable and consistent decision-making.
  • Transparent & ethical Rely on auditable decision processes you can trust and defend.
  • Scalable & reliable Make the best choices every time, for both one-off and repeated decisions.
  • Take people with you Engage with others, ranging from experts to members of the public.
A chilli pepper.

Our secret spice – the PAPRIKA method

Patented technology that has won awards for its power and user-friendliness.

Invented for a higher purpose

PAPRIKA was invented by 1000minds’ founders to help manage long surgical waiting lists in New Zealand in the 1990s. PAPRIKA was designed as a fairer and more accurate method for prioritizing patients for healthcare.

Cutting-edge technology

PAPRIKA was quickly recognized as a revolutionary new approach to Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and conjoint analysis in general. This award-winning, patented method is used across all industries.

A 1000minds trade-off.

Greater engagement and accuracy

PAPRIKA keeps participants engaged by asking one simple question at a time – like having a conversation. This ensures high quality responses that accurately reflect people’s preferences when making trade-offs.

Results you can trust and understand

As you answer each question, PAPRIKA adapts as it chooses the next question, minimizing the number asked. This advanced form of adaptive conjoint analysis gives you valid and reliable results you can trust.

Our story

We believe that with better understanding and decision-making, the world will be a better place.

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That’s why we help organizations, individuals and groups to discover what matters to people, and to make decisions consistently, fairly and transparently.

By providing powerful and user-friendly tools for discovering people’s preferences and decision-making, we help you understand what’s important and make better decisions. In the process, we also happily share our expertise and 20 years’ experience.

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