1000minds is an online suite of tools and processes to help individuals and groups with their Decision-Making, and to understand people’s preferences via Conjoint Analysis.

1000minds is for when good decisions matter. (When do they not??!! Human history is a chronicle of both good and bad decisions – see famous quotes.) Users include government, business and nonprofit organizations, as well as individuals.

Cool tools!

1000minds is used for decision-making, prioritization and Conjoint Analysis (also known as Choice Modelling and Discrete Choice Experiments).

Depending on your application, 1000minds can also help you think about the value for money of alternatives and allocate budgets or other scarce resources.

As well as standalone tools, we offer customisable processes for group decision-making, involving as many participants as you like – 10s, 100s or 1000s of people, depending on what you want to do.

“Great power and sheer elegance”

When we won a Consensus Software Award (sponsored by IBM and Microsoft), the judges concluded:

In removing complexity and uncertainty from decision-making processes, 1000minds has blended an innovative algorithm with a simple user interface to produce a tool of great power and sheer elegance.

1000minds implements our patented PAPRIKA method – an acronym for Potentially All Pairwise RanKings of all possible Alternatives. We would argue – and our clients, researchers and awards seem to agree! – that PAPRIKA is superior to other methods.

Because the way that decision-makers’ preferences are elicited is simple and natural, you can have confidence in your results. 1000minds is fast and scaleable, and, depending on your application, potentially 1000s of people can participate.

Academic credibility

Our engagements with researchers (academics and students) is very important to us. 1000minds is used for research and teaching at 250+ universities worldwide.

More than 900 papers and research projects reference 1000minds, including 100s of peer-reviewed publications and post-graduate degrees.

Born global

Paul Hansen Franz Ombler

Invented by Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler, 1000minds arose from research at the University of Otago in the 1990s into methods for prioritizing patients for surgery.

Our research developed into a revolutionary new approach to Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM, also known as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, MCDA) and Conjoint Analysis in general, with myriad applications worldwide.

1000minds Ltd is based in New Zealand (since 2003), from where our talented team of software developers, decision analysts and consultants works with clients and researchers all over the world.

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