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Decision-making & conjoint analysis software

Boost your consulting revenue by delivering amazing value

Use 1000minds for consulting to help your clients understand people’s preferences and make better decisions.

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A trusted partner for the world’s most ambitious decision-makers

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  • Google
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1000minds applications

Include 1000minds as a powerful addition to your consulting toolkit – for big and small projects alike. Our skilled team is available to share our expertise and help you deliver great results for your clients.

Value-adding tools and expertise to help your client

  1. 1. Create Start with one of our examples, or build your own model from scratch.
  2. 2. Tailor Fine-tune and refine your model by following a simple step-by-step process.
  3. 3. Run Work as a single decision-maker, together as a group or survey as many people as you like.
  4. 4. Results Understand and apply your results using a variety of graphical and analytical tools.

Avoid obstacles.


Make good decisions and avoid the cost of bad ones

The consequences of bad decisions can be very serious, and so good decision-making processes are important to your clients – and to you! 1000minds enables you to involve all relevant people associated with your clients, often with diverse objectives, in making decisions collaboratively.

1000minds’ transparency enables you and your clients to easily defend how decisions were reached – taking people with you and ensuring results can be easily communicated. As well as helping your clients make good decisions, you’ll lower their cost of decision-making and of bad decisions.

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Prioritize alternatives consistently and reliably

Prioritization is about determining the order in which alternatives or individuals are chosen. Examples include setting an organization’s strategic direction, picking projects to invest in or new product ideas to take forward, or short-listing job candidates or procurement tender bids.

For one-off or repeated applications, use 1000minds with your clients to select the right alternatives in the right order. Ensure their prioritization processes are consistent – by applying valid and reliable criteria and weights representing their relative importance – so that prioritization decisions are reliable.

Research prioritization success story

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Value for money

Allocate budgets or other scarce resources efficiently

Use 1000minds to support your clients as they allocate budgets or other scarce resources across competing projects or investments – e.g. for capital or operations expenditure (CAPEX or OPEX), asset prioritization and procurement.

1000minds helps decision-makers to target high-quality projects, investments or tenders that maximize value for money – i.e. deliver the biggest “bang for buck” – in a consistent, scalable and repeatable way. 1000minds’ user-friendliness and transparency ensure that resource-allocation decisions are defensible and easily communicated with stakeholders, resulting in greater buy-in.

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“Superb tool! Quantitative insight into the thoughts of our clients!”

Tim Byrne – Tim Byrne Managing Director • AbacusBio International

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Market research

Find out what matters to the people who matter to your clients

Conjoint analysis, also referred to as a discrete choice experiment (DCE) or choice modeling is a survey-based research methodology for discovering how people feel about the characteristics of things that your clients care about – e.g. for businesses, their products or management processes; for governments, their services or policies.

Use 1000minds with your clients as a powerful and user-friendly market research tool to elicit and analyze the preferences of your clients’ key stakeholders – e.g. for businesses, their consumers or employees; for governments, their citizens and taxpayers.

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Preferences research

Survey your client’s stakeholders about their preferences

1000minds offers three types of surveys that you can easily run on your client’s behalf, yielding valuable information. Distributing 1000minds surveys to potentially 1000s of participants is easy, as is interpreting the results.

A ranking survey (or “noise audit”) reveals the variability of people’s intuitive judgements – and hence the need for a better decision-making approach! A categorization survey collects people’s ratings of alternatives on pre-specified criteria or attributes. A preferences survey reveals the relative importance of the criteria or attributes.

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Flood risk management success story


What makes 1000minds special?

1000minds is the only software in the world that combines the power of both decision-making and conjoint analysis, augmented by AI, in one beautiful package.

1000minds app interface

Decision science at your service

1000minds’ “secret spice” is our patented PAPRIKA method, which was designed to be as cognitively simple and user-friendly as possible, as well as scientifically valid and reliable, so that you can have confidence in your results.

Power and elegance

With its state-of-the art technology and beautiful and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder that 1000minds has been recognized in 15 innovation awards, including being complimented as “a tool of great power and sheer elegance” (Consensus Software Award 2010, sponsored by IBM and Microsoft).

Benefits for consultants

1000minds enables you to:

  • Create extra (billable) value for clients
  • Initiate new business
  • Expand your toolkit and services offered
  • Reduce your cost of delivery
  • Mitigate risk by using defensible methods
  • Engage with senior decision-makers
  • Connect with 1000s of stakeholders
  • Leverage off 1000minds’ expertise
  • Report results more easily

Benefits for your clients

Decision-making and conjoint analysis that is:

  • Defensible
  • Transparent
  • Consistent
  • Repeatable
  • Reliable
  • Fair
  • Inclusive
  • Fast and scalable
  • Incrementally improvable

Harness our expertise to captivate your clients

Our support is available throughout your consulting journey, from the initial proposal to the project’s conclusion. By sharing insights and advice rooted in our vast experience across similar domains and applications, we will empower you to be the expert. Together, we’ll ensure your client’s project is an unequivocal success.

A decision-maker. A decision-maker.

Questions & answers

Why should I use 1000minds decision-making software?

1000minds is designed for decision-making based on ranking, prioritizing or choosing between alternatives, in one-off or repeated applications. You might already be doing this intuitively or in spreadsheets. So, why use 1000minds?

1000minds gives you a complete process for structuring and solving decision problems. Our tools help you make better decisions by reducing biases that inevitably occur in intuitive decision-making, like relying on ‘gut feeling’ and succumbing to group decision-making failures such as ‘groupthink’. As well as being user-friendly and inclusive, 1000minds is fair, transparent and potentially auditable, resulting in decisions you can trust and, if need be, defend.

1000minds is the only software in the world that combines the power of both decision-making and conjoint analysis in one beautiful package. 1000minds’ ‘secret spice’ is the patented, award-winning PAPRIKA method, invented by company founders Franz Ombler and Paul Hansen. PAPRIKA is designed to be as cognitively simple and user-friendly for decision-makers as possible, so that you can have confidence in your results.

1000minds is highly regarded for its reliability and validity, being used for research and teaching at 560+ universities and other research organizations worldwide. 1000minds has also been extensively peer-reviewed in many arenas over the last two decades. 310+ articles or abstracts, many for healthcare applications, have been published since 2006. With a beautiful and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder that 1000minds has been recognized in eight innovation awards and complimented as “a tool of great power and sheer elegance” (Consensus Software Award 2010, sponsored by IBM and Microsoft).

The right decision-making software is very useful to reduce biases and ‘noise’ that afflict judgements and can lead to potentially poor choices. 1000minds decision-making software gives you the tools to make important decisions efficiently, fairly and transparently.

Good decision-making can increase your business’ profitability by, for example, helping you choose the best investments or capital projects representing good value for money, or by targeting the right strategic direction. In the health sector, good decision-making can save lives by prioritizing the patients most in need of life-saving treatment. By using 1000minds, your decision-making process is also completely auditable, so your organization and stakeholders can see exactly how and why decisions were made.

Decision-making tools help individuals and groups choose the best option from the alternatives being considered. 1000minds’ user-friendly decision-making tools can be used for many applications, including prioritizing alternatives (e.g. which project, person or option to choose), identifying alternatives that are good value for money when allocating a budget, and group decision-making to build consensus in clusters of stakeholders, employees and the public.

MCDA, also known as Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM), is a popular methodology for making decisions when multiple criteria (or objectives) need to be considered together. By making the weights and associated trade-offs between the criteria explicit in a structured way, MCDA results in more transparent and consistent decisions.

There are many applications for MCDA, and 1000minds software can be used for all of them, including selecting new projects or investments, shortlisting job applicants, prioritizing patients, ranking funding applications, and much more.

Yes, you can try 1000minds for free for 15 days. You can also book a free, personalized onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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