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Healthcare decision-making software

Healthcare decisions you can trust

Reduce uncertainty and allocate scarce resources efficiently for better patient outcomes with 1000minds’ user-friendly tools.

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1000minds applications

Healthcare decision-making involves confronting trade-offs with potentially serious consequences. 1000minds enables you to have confidence in your decisions at the individual patient level or across the health sector overall, and to involve as many stakeholders as appropriate.

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Valid and reliable decision processes for better patient outcomes

  1. 1. Create Start with one of our examples, or build your own model from scratch.
  2. 2. Tailor Fine-tune and refine your model by following a simple step-by-step process.
  3. 3. Run Work as a single decision-maker, together as a group or survey as many people as you like.
  4. 4. Results Understand and apply your results using a variety of graphical and analytical tools.

Patient prioritization templates.

Patient prioritization

Have confidence in how patients are prioritized for health services

Because of scarce resources in all public health systems, tough decisions must be made about which patients are offered elective or planned services, such as hip replacements, cataract surgery, etc. Who gets treated, and in what order? People also needed to be prioritized during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1000minds has 20 years’ experience working with groups of clinicians to create systems for prioritizing patients for health services, comprising valid and reliable prioritization criteria and weights representing their relative importance, and to implement them across the health system.

Patient prioritization success story
Patient prioritization journal articles
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Disease classification

Develop disease classification systems that are valid and reliable

1000minds is used by international teams of clinical experts to create valid and reliable disease-classification tools for a wide range of complex illnesses such as rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, which can be very difficult for clinicians to diagnose.

These tools, consisting of classification criteria and weights representing their relative importance, result in more accurate classifications of patients for diseases – which is very important for efficiently running randomized controlled trials to test the effectiveness of new treatments.

ACR and EULAR success story
Disease classification journal articles

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Health technology assessment

Maximize value for money when prioritizing health technologies for funding

1000minds is used to prioritize pharmaceuticals, medical devices, equipment, procedures and other ‘health technologies’. Technologies can be easily compared and budgets allocated in pursuit of high-quality spending that maximizes value for money, i.e. that maximizes the benefits delivered from the available funding.

1000minds’ user-friendly processes enable decision-makers to focus on the main trade-offs involved, e.g. efficiency versus equity, and to allocate scarce resources in a repeatable and defensible way.

Health technology assessment journal articles


“Excellent tool for assisting decision-makers across a broad range of applications. Clever design, and very easy to use.”

Dr Trudy Sullivan – Dr Trudy Sullivan Health economist • Dunedin School of Medicine


Create value sets representing patients’ Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL)

1000minds offers a user-friendly online tool for quickly eliciting people’s preferences in terms of HRQoL – i.e. how they feel about pain, disability, depression, etc. The tool is easy to set-up, test and distribute to potentially 1000s of people, e.g. members of the general population.

The tool’s outputs – HRQoL ‘value sets’ – are used for estimating ‘Quality-Adjusted Life Years’ (QALYs) for health technology prioritization and ‘Patient Reported Outcome Measures’ (PROMs) for assessing the performance of health care providers such as hospitals.

HRQoL success story
HRQoL journal articles

Disease prioritization

Prioritize diseases for R&D collaboratively and efficiently

Experts from around the world use 1000minds to work together efficiently to prioritize diseases posing the greatest threats to human health, such as diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, to guide R&D into new and effective treatments.

1000minds’ validity and reliability ensure the prioritization exercise can be trusted – which is very important, given millions of people could die each year if new antibiotics and other treatments are not developed soon.

Disease prioritization success story
Disease prioritization journal articles

Research decision-making

Make health research decisions fairly and transparently

Research organizations and funding agencies use 1000minds to target health research questions or topics for investigation or research applications for funding with the greatest potential for improving health outcomes.

1000minds’ user-friendly processes enable a potentially wide range of stakeholders, including patients, to be engaged with fairly and transparently. Research budgets can be allocated across competing research funding applications in pursuit of ones representing the best value for money, i.e. delivering the most benefits from the funding.

Research prioritization success story
Research decision-making journal articles

Clinical guidelines

Develop valid and reliable clinical guidelines for treatment

For complex illnesses such as hip and knee osteoarthritis, asthma, etc, there can be considerable uncertainty and ignorance with respect to what are the most effective treatments – among health care professionals and people with the condition and their caregivers.

1000minds is used by clinical experts and patients to work together to develop valid and reliable treatment guidelines for patients to better manage their conditions with more confidence, resulting in better health outcomes.

Clinical guidelines journal articles

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