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Breeding and agri-business decision-making pricing

Identify desirable traits and make better decisions

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1000minds is used for surveying experts such as geneticists, breeders and farmers about the relative importance of target traits in the definition of breeding objectives for farmed animals and plants.

1000minds’ user-friendly tools are also used by agri-business decision-makers to make important decisions, including allocating budgets and other resources, e.g. CAPEX, OPEX and procurement.

A trusted partner for the world’s most ambitious decision-makers

  • World Health Organization
  • Ministry of Health, NZ
  • Google
  • Deloitte
  • Boeing

Full feature set

Breeding and agri-business decision-making

$25,000 per year

Survey breeding experts to identify desirable traits in farmed animals and plants, and use 1000minds for agri-business decision-making, including allocating resources.

  • Proven, peer-reviewed processes for engaging breeding or agri-business experts and stakeholders
  • 1000minds tools:
    • AI assistant (to get you started quickly)
    • Pairwise comparisons
    • “Noise auditing” (judgment variability testing)
    • Group decision-making
    • Voting and consensus
    • Inter-rater reliability
    • Validity testing
    • Value-for-money comparisons and resource allocation
  • Easy to set up, customizable 1000minds surveys, in any language
  • Expert support and advice
  • Revise your decision-making tools as evidence or circumstances change
  • Support and advice with implementing your tools into existing systems
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“The best MCDA engine money can buy. I can't find one thing that I don't like about it.”

– Colin S

Noise auditing

$2500 per noise audit (ranking survey)

Noise audits reveal the typically large, and usually undesirable, variability – “noise” – in people’s judgments when evaluating the same information, i.e. that would otherwise be expected to result in the same, or very similar, judgments.

A 1000minds noise audit (ranking survey) involves simple case studies of real or imaginary alternatives being presented to participants to rank using their intuition. The revealed variability often points to the need for a better decision-making approach – using 1000minds!

  • AI assistant (to get you started quickly)
  • Proven, peer-reviewed processes for engaging stakeholders
  • Easy to set up, customizable 1000minds surveys, in any language
  • Results reported for individual participants (and averages)
  • Expert support and advice available
  • Extendable to other 1000minds’ processes, i.e. as a first step

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“Easy to use and very useful for any complex decision-making question. Kudos to the creators for creating such a wonderful tool!”

– Lay Kuan Soh

Preferences surveys / discrete choice experiments (DCEs)

$9500 per survey/DCE

A 1000minds preferences survey, or DCE, involves participants answering questions based on trade-offs between decision-making criteria or attributes to reveal their relative importance.

From people’s answers, 1000minds codifies the relative importance of the criteria/attributes as weights, also known as “preference values” or “utilities”, for each individual participant and on average. These weights are used to rank any alternatives you are considering.

  • AI assistant (to get you started quickly)
  • Aadaptive, choice-based conjoint analysis (CBC)
  • Easy to set up, customizable 1000minds surveys, in any language
  • Valid and reliable methodology, including smartphone compatibility
  • Proven, peer-reviewed PAPRIKA method for discrete choice experiments (DCEs): based on pairwise comparisons of partial profiles and the simplest possible questions for participants to answer
  • Results reported for individual participants (and averages)
  • Automated conjoint analysis results in real time:
    • Attribute rankings
    • Attribute “relative importance” ratios
    • Market shares
    • “What if” simulations based on changes to alternatives’ attributes
    • Willingness-to-pay (WTP) estimates easily derived from utilities
  • Expert support and advice available
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“I found the 1000minds software extremely easy to use, the tutorials were quite helpful, and the 1000minds team very supportive.”

– Lesley J.

Questions & answers

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try 1000minds for free for 15 days. You can also book a free, personalized onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Of course, please book some time with us to talk through what you want to achieve and how we can best support you.

Yes, we’re quite flexible about transferring your license between packages. In most cases it will be fairly clear about what’s required from our initial conversations but, of course, sometimes your needs will change or new opportunities will arise.

We license your use of 1000minds for a particular business purpose or project. You can invite as many others as you like (e.g. your colleagues) to work with you. They will have individual logins on 1000minds with access to project folders that you share with them. Please talk to us if you have any special requirements in this regard.

Yes, please just ask. Be sure to mention if there is any particular information your organization needs included in the quote.

Licenses are usually billed annually in advance. We’ll send you an invoice and you can pay by bank transfer or credit card in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD or NZD. Let us know if your organization requires any particular information on the invoice.

Yes, 1000minds has an application instance in the European Union with all data storage and processing performed in the EU. Furthermore, 1000minds is headquartered in New Zealand, which is recognized by the European Commission as GDPR adequate. You can choose to use the EU/GDPR instance when you sign up and log in. Your license allows you to use both the EU and US instances of 1000minds if you wish.

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