It’s very important to us that everyone who uses 1000minds feels they’re getting good value.

We’ll agree with you to an arrangement that’s proportional to your application and circumstances.

  • For commercial users, we usually charge an annual license fee, and can supply a standard pricing schedule to start the conversation. We’re also open to discussing alternative arrangements.
  • 1000minds can also be used by consulting firms, leveraging their domain expertise, to work with their own clients.
  • For researchers and students, academic awards to use 1000minds for free are available for research and study not funded commercially or from grants. 1000minds is also available for teaching.
  • Discounts are available to organizations and individuals that are charities or unfunded.

As well as our tools and processes, we can offer ad-hoc consulting and facilitation support, including preparation and follow-up if required (usually not). Specialist software development is also available.

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Please talk to us about your application.