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“It is very easy to build evaluation case, involve others, handle decisions that would be difficult to make. Alternatives, we use, like real modelling, C5.0, Monte Carlo are way less agile, more time consuming (on a scale 100* times as expensive and slow to implement).”

Jiri K.

“Great customer support. Whenever I was uncertain about something or needed help, I got a reply within a few hours. There was no problem that could not be solved.”

Raphaela B.

“1000minds provides an elegant, efficient and transparent way of reaching decisions about 'wicked problems' like sustainability that are contested by multiple 'layers and players' that all want their say. Best of all, the users have confidence in the outcome and process because software has proven credentials after years of use by diverse uses.”

Henrik M.

“The best MCDA engine money can buy. I can't find one thing that I don't like about it.”

Colin S

“1000minds simplifies incredibly complicated analysis to insights usable for students. Nearly impossible for us to do conjoint analysis without it!! Just so much useful information to be gleaned from a single set of surveys. Awesome support and expertise from the 1000minds team (Paul!)”

Marlene B

“I introduced 1000minds in my college Analytics classes. It is a great tool for developing thinking skills. It is easy to use and offers so many helpful tips.”

Raymond Van Der Veer

“Easy to use and provides excellent insights for decision makers. My students loved it.”

Tania Pereira Christopoulos

“Putting powerful tools in my hands to help me make complex personal decisions”

Hannes Graah

“Easy to use and very useful for any complex decision-making question. Kudos to the creators for creating such a wonderful tool!”

Lay Kuan Soh

“Great tool for decision making. Very user friendly!”

Nico Paris Sud

“I have used this several times now for health research applications. For the right question, this is a remarkably powerful and easy-to-use tool.”

Brian Feldman

“Excellent tool for teaching too!”

Graff Barbara Pamela

“What a fantastic application. Perfect for conducting research on next best offer for customers. Have also found useful in resource planning, prioritization, and development planning, although I'm sure the possibilities for use are endless!”

Luke Herlihy

“When I needed a versatile and reliable tool to make some analysis during my master's, 1000minds implementation of PAPRIKA was exactly what I needed. Now I'm halfway through my doctor's and I still use it quite frequently. I personally believe it is much more accurate than other MCDA methods while also being the easiest to use. It is very simple to pitch projects when presenting data obtained through 1000minds. Now I am on a "crusade" to diffuse it in a few universities here in Brazil.”

Fellipe silva martins

“Very useful tool for decision making”

Irene Lasorsa

“Loved using it”

Subhojit Sarkar

“Quantitative insight for decision-making.”

Gideon Boock

“Great tool to help decisions with multiple dimensions that are otherwise hard to get your head around. Intuitive to use. ”

Mark Edwards

“Great tool for group decision making and ranking many choices using multiple criteria. Makes a potentially challenging process easy.”

Sarah Meytin

“Really useful software to help make critical decisions in disaster response. Superb support throughout the process. Thanks!”

Vicki O'Donnell

“Very useful tool and easy to use”

Ahmed Bader

“1000minds provides excellent decision support capabilities for our customer's project portfolios, while maintaining a very high ease of use. This is a rare combination in the industry.”

John Sammarco

“1000minds can create clarity around all kinds of decision-making, even the most complex. I highly recommend it.”

Peter Hardy

“A great way of measuring preferences for a large group”

Reece Pomeroy

“We have used 1000minds for a couple of projects and found the application invaluable. I can't imagine we'll be making any big decisions within our business without utilising 1000minds in the future. Brilliant intelligence to add the decision making process.”

Roy Hawker

“Excellent product and excellent team running it that provides the answers and support needed.”

Patrick Mahoney

“Highly recommended. Efficient decision making tool with a plethora of support/templates.”

Stephan Oleschenko

“I've used 3 of the most popular "alternatives" and unequivocally recommend 1000minds. Exceedingly powerful yet the 'easiest' and most customer centric product I've used (enterprise solutions & popular "off the shelf" software).”

Laurence T.

“Great app. Easy-to-use tool for decision making.”

Scott Chaput

“Simple to use and highly effective tool for all our decision making!”

Bhavneet Chahal

“Superb tool! Quantitative insight into the thoughts of our clients!”

Timothy Byrne, AbacusBio Limited

“Excellent tool for assisting decision-makers across a broad range of applications. Clever design, and very easy to use.”

Trudy Sullivan