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TUANZ announces Innovation Awards finalists

1000minds is a finalist for the TUANZ Education Award 2009.

TUANZ announces Innovation Awards finalists

Awards to be presented on September 3.

By Computerworld staff, Auckland | Wednesday, 12 August, 2009

The Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand, has released the finalists in its 2009 Innovation awards. They are:

TUANZ Initiative of the Year 2009 (sponsored by Motorola)

  • Air New Zealand
  • M – Com
  • Maxnet
  • Telecom
  • Who Stole My Money

TUANZ Mobile Application of the Year 2009 (sponsored by Alcatel Lucent)

  • Air New Zealand
  • Kordia
  • Livestock Improvement Corporation
  • Planetstream

TUANZ Education Award 2009

  • 1000minds
  • Kordia
  • Tango Communications

TUANZ Healthcare Award 2009 (sponsored by Voco)

  • HealthTV
  • Plunket

TUANZ Rural Award 2009 (sponsored by Kordia)

  • CRS Software
  • Livestock Improvement Corporation
  • Rural Link

TUANZ Local & Central Government Services Award 2009

  • Fronde
  • Immigration New Zealand
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • North Shore City

TUANZ Commerce Award 2009

  • Air New Zealand
  • Fonterra
  • PocketSmith

TUANZ Next Generation Fibre-Optic Network Award 2009

  • Enable Networks
  • NorthPower
  • Tararua District Council

TUANZ Telecommunications Journalist of the Year 2009 (sponsored by 2 Degrees)

  • Anthony Doesburg - freelance journalist
  • Stephen Bell - Computerworld
  • Chris Keall - National Business Review

TUANZ ICT Innovator of the Year 2009 (sponsored by Kelly Professional & Technical)

  • David Stewart - Telecom
  • Ben Northrop - Run the Red
  • Jason Garrett - C3 Ltd
  • Geoff Blair - Plunket

In addition, TUANZ members are voting for winners in the following categories: Carrier of the Year, ISP of the Year and Technology Media of the Year. The winners will be announced on September 3.

Winners from all categories are also finalists for the "best of the best" award.

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