At least 152 articles and abstracts about 1000minds applications in a wide variety of areas have been published since 2006.

Please send us your details if your publication isn’t listed here. Your work might inspire others – and mentioning it here makes us very proud!

Accounting and finance

Charitable giving

Clinical guidelines

Corporate strategic management

Decision-making methods and software

Disease classification and diagnosis

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Disease R&D prioritization


Energy use


Health technology prioritization

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

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  • S Aggarwal & H Van Oostendorp (2011), “An attempt to automate the process of source evaluation”, International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering, Trivandrum, 2011, ACE Proceedings 2011, 49-51
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Marketing research

Monetary policy research

Organizational creativity

Patient prioritization

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Plant and animal breeding

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Retirement income policy

Robotics design

Sustainable building and engineering



Urban planning

Waste Management

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Research citation

To mention 1000minds in your research, we recommend something like:

“1000minds software (, implementing the PAPRIKA method (Hansen & Ombler 2008)”

The above reference for the article underpinning the PAPRIKA method is:

P Hansen & F Ombler (2008), “A new method for scoring multi-attribute value models using pairwise rankings of alternatives”, Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 15, 87-107.