1000minds is available for responding to the Covid-19 crisis (and other pandemics or emergencies).

Many people suffering from Covid-19 needed to be hospitalised, with some requiring life-saving treatment with ventilators in intensive care units (ICU). In many countries, there were not enough hospital beds or ventilators available, and so patients urgently need to be prioritized.

Clear guidelines and prioritization tools – potentially for integration with existing hospital systems – enable clinicians to more effectively identify patients most in need and likely to benefit from treatment, and support clinicians when decisions with difficult ethical implications have to be made.

Also, Covid-19 vaccines, or the support services for administering them, were often in short supply initially, and so prioritization tools were needed to allocate vacccines across populations.

Prioritization tools

1000minds can be quickly and efficiently used to create tools based on criteria and weights representing their relative importance for:

  • Prioritizing Covid-19 patients for ICU

1000minds was used in New Zealand, as reported here:

M Roy, P Hansen, T Sullivan, F Ombler, M Kiore, A Stapleton & C Carr (2021), “Rapid development of a tool for prioritizing Covid-19 patients for intensive care”, Critical Care Explorations 3, e0368 (News »).

  • Prioritizing non-critical Covid-19 patients for hospitalization

Led by doctors in northern Italy, 1000minds was used to create a tool suitable for use ‘anywhere and by anyone’, including in low-resource settings:

P De Nardo, E Gentilotti, F Mazzaferri et al and COVID-19 MCDA Group (2020), “Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to prioritize hospital admission of patients affected by COVID-19 in low-resource settings with hospital-bed shortage”, International Journal of Infectious Diseases 98, 494-500.

  • Prioritizing people for access to vaccines

Work using 1000minds is currently being prepared for publication.

Because of the urgency of the Covid-19 crisis, 1000minds processes for creating patient prioritization tools (in use since 2004) have been gently pared down, and are fully online (e.g. supported by Zoom meetings), so that the resulting tool can be created quickly and efficiently.

1000minds examples and help available

Examples of tools for prioritizing Covid-19 patients and for access to vaccines that you can adapt are available, or create your own tools from scratch. We’re available to help too.