Wizard development

School of Business News, University of Otago, Dec 2003

A new software programme designed to provide more accurate rankings of alternatives or individuals and better decision making, Point*Wizard is the brainchild of Paul Hansen from the Department of Economics and software developer, Franz Ombler.

Points systems are used in decision-making situations in which there are hundreds or even thousands of alternatives or individuals to be ranked, often on an ongoing basis. They are used in a wide variety of applications, including diagnosing and prioritizing patients for treatment and managing waiting lists; selecting immigrants; choosing employees and appraising their performances and admitting students to restricted courses.

Once decision makers have chosen the criteria and categories for a particular points system, Point*Wizard allows the preferences of decision makers to be represented exactly. The programme can also be used to rank or choose the best from a relatively small group of alternatives or individuals, perhaps on a one-off basis. Applications might include choosing the best location for a building, the best car to buy, or the best employee to hire or promote.