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Trusted by organizations around the world:

  • Boeing
  • World Health Organization
  • Google
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • Ministry of Health, NZ

1000minds has been used for applications in:

  • HealthHealth
  • GovernmentGovernment
  • AcademiaAcademia
  • BusinessBusiness
  • NonprofitNonprofit
  • Conjoint analysis

    Discover what matters to people when making choices involving trade-offs.

    • Capture consumer preferences
    • Perform market research or discrete choice experiments (DCEs)
    • Discover which attributes of a product are most important
    • Find out how sensitive demand is to price changes
    • Learn what citizens want in a government policy

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  • Decision-making

    Make decisions involving multiple criteria efficiently, fairly and transparently.

    • Prioritize or choose from alternatives and individuals
    • Select new projects or investments
    • Support business and government decision-making
    • Include as many participants as you like
    • Choose a new home or car, etc

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  • Prioritization

    Prioritize in a consistent way that’s easily communicated.

    • Prioritize patients for access to health care
    • Select students for restricted courses and scholarships
    • Evaluate and rank supplier proposals
    • Rank research grant applications
    • Prioritize diseases for R&D into new drugs

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  • Value for money

    Compare value for money and allocate resources.

    • Allocate a budget across competing projects
    • Select an investment portfolio
    • Choose the best infrastructure developments
    • Distribute research funding
    • Assess new health technologies (drugs, treatments, etc)

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How does our conjoint analysis software work?

  1. 1 Create


    Start with one of our conjoint analysis examples, or build your own model from scratch.

  2. 2 Tailor


    Fine-tune your model by following a simple step-by-step process.

  3. 3 Run


    Run a customised conjoint-analysis survey with as many participants as you like.

  4. 4 Results


    Understand and apply your results using a variety of graphical and analytical tools.


PAPRIKA tradeoffs.

Choice-based, adaptive conjoint analysis.

1000minds implements the prize-winning PAPRIKA pairwise-comparisons method, a powerful type of choice-based, adaptive conjoint analysis.

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High-quality survey data.

High-quality survey data.

1000minds’ extensive checks and filters ensure only high-quality data are used to generate your final results – meaning you can trust them.

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Tools you can rely on.

Over 1000 academic outputs from 400 universities and other research organizations reference 1000minds.

Furthermore, 1000minds has won or made the finals of eight awards, and contributed to five other awards.

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“In removing complexity and uncertainty from decision-making processes, 1000minds has blended an innovative algorithm with a simple user interface to produce a tool of great power and sheer elegance.“

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