As well as research, we support the use of 1000minds for teaching.

The skills students develop while learning about Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM, also known as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, MCDA) and Conjoint Analysis are very useful (see famous quotes).

Also, students tell us and their teachers that the practical nature of using 1000minds Decision-Making and/or 1000minds Conjoint Analysis tools themselves – to make decisions and/or perform marketing research (e.g. class project) – is fun!

We’ll send you a dedicated link for your students to quickly enroll for their own user accounts so they can use 1000minds themselves.

1000minds is used for teaching (and research) in many universities worldwide in various disciplines, such as:

  • Decision Analysis
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Environmental Studies
  • Engineering
  • Information Science
  • Economics
  • New Product Design
  • Marketing Research
  • Political Science
  • Public Policy

Our teaching license fee schedule – which is very reasonable – is based on the size of your class. Please contact us to arrange a teaching license. In the meantime, feel free to get started immediately with a free trial.

Teaching and learning resources

Potential course content on our site includes:

Introduction to MCDM / MCDA
Introduction to Conjoint Analysis
PAPRIKA method
Recommended readings
Class project

And see potential research ideas if you and your students (e.g. Masters or PhDs) are looking for inspiration!

We can also give you access to a Google Drive folder full of teaching resources, including lecture slides and readings, that you – and your students! – might find useful.