1000minds partners with German consulting firm CHOICEMINER

1000minds has partnered with CHOICEMINER to supply and support 1000minds decision-making software in Germany and also to provide German-speaking support for Europe.

CHOICEMINER (choiceminer.de) is a decision management consultancy started by Michael Fritsch based in Karlsfeld near Munich, Germany’s third largest city (and eleventh largest in the European Union). Munich is a manufacturing and financial powerhouse, with many large German firms headquartered there, including BMW and Siemens. Foreign companies such as McDonald’s and Microsoft also have their German or European HQs in Munich.

“We’re really excited by this opportunity to introduce 1000minds to Germany ‘in-person’ via Michael rather than only over the internet”, says Paul Hansen, co-founder of 1000minds. “Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world.”

Prior to CHOICEMINER, Michael Fritsch worked for many years as a consultant for innovation and digital transformation at Deutsche Telekom, among others, and managed the Munich location of a market leader for AI-supported marketing systems in the enterprise environment.

According to Michael, “German firms and government agencies have very little experience with decision-making tools. I’m thrilled to be able to introduce them to 1000minds, which I consider to be one of the best software packages in the world.”