Treatments better than antibiotics need developing “now”

Though New Zealand is in the fortunate situation of having fewer bacterial pathogens than most other places in the world, the country should not become complacent in researching new treatments. Continued prudent use of antibiotics, both in hospitals and the community, is also important for controlling antibiotic resistance.

These warnings comes from Professor Kurt Krause and Dr James Ussher of the Department of Biochemistry and Immunology at the University of Otago, and were spurred by the recent release by the World Health Organization of a list of 12 human diseases in greatest need of R&D. The list was created using software co-invented by Associate Professor Paul Hansen of Otago’s Department of Economics.

“Treatments better than antibiotics need developing ‘now’”, University of Otago media release, 3 Mar 2017

“Treatments better than antibiotics need developing ‘now’”, Scoop, 3 Mar 2017

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