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How does 1000minds differ from machine learning?

August 2021 1000minds, Technology

Despite the ‘intelligence’ demonstrated by machine learning algorithms, blindly trusting them can lead to dangerous decision-making. How does the 1000minds PAPRIKA method relate to machine learning? Read more »

Introducing new tour feature for trade-offs

July 2021 1000minds

A new tour feature – a step-by-step introduction – is available for navigating the trade-offs step and answering the trade-off questions in 1000minds. Read more »

‘Noisy’ expert judgements

June 2021 1000minds, Health, Highlights

Daniel Kahneman’s latest book, "Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment", reveals the enormous variability – ‘noise’ – in experts’ judgements and recommends using criteria and weights for decision-making. Read more »

1000minds offers $2000 scholarships for decision-making and conjoint analysis research

June 2021 1000minds, Academic

1000minds is proud to offer two $2000 USD scholarships each year to post-graduate students worldwide for research projects involving decision-making or conjoint analysis. Read more »

New 1000minds decision-making course available on GoSkills

May 2021 1000minds

The course compiles our tutorial videos, packaged together with exercises and quizzes to help you learn how to use 1000minds to make reliable and effective decisions. Read more »

How legalization of the rhino horn trade could impact rhino welfare

March 2021 Research, 1000minds, Environment

Legalizing the trade in rhino horn could be beneficial for the welfare of rhinoceros, a study using 1000minds shows. Read more »

Accuracy statistic – new feature

March 2021 1000minds

1000minds has released a new accuracy statistic, giving you the power to tune the accuracy of your decision models, especially when scores (rather than ranks) matter, e.g. in cost-benefit analysis. Read more »

1000minds partners with German consulting firm CHOICEMINER

January 2021 1000minds

1000minds has partnered with German consulting firm CHOICEMINER to support 1000minds decision-making software in Germany and also to provide German-speaking support for Europe. Read more »

A new online tool for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets

January 2020 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

Research results for a new online tool based on 1000minds for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets, for measuring people's health-related quality of life, is reported. Read more »

A new version of 1000minds

October 2019 1000minds

An introduction to the new features and changes introduced in the major October 2019 update to 1000minds. Read more »

App to assist drinkers with wine selection

September 2019 1000minds, Highlights

1000minds was used to create the weights for the algorithm at the heart of wine-tasting app Wine inMind, available from Apple's App Store, for people to rate wine themselves. Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2018

April 2019 1000minds

1000minds appears in the latest Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by ORMS Today. Read more »

Paul Hansen's Inaugural Professorial Lecture

September 2018 1000minds, Highlights

"Choices are the hinges of destiny.” (Pythagoras, c. 500 BC)... Can we help people make better ones? Join Paul for his Inaugural Professorial Lecture. Read more »

1000minds helps make world’s decisions

July 2018 1000minds

Since 2003, 1000minds has been helping people and organizations with their decision-making and also to understand people's preferences via conjoint analysis. Read more »

1000minds used to prioritize drug-resistant bacterial infections to guide R&D into new antibiotics

September 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

The World Health Organization used 1000minds to create a Priority Pathogens List (PPL) of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to support R&D into new and effective drugs. Read more »

New SLE criteria under development: A joint effort of the ACR and EULAR

August 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

1000minds was used to create a new set of criteria for classifying systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a potentially severe autoimmune disease. Read more »

ACR/EULAR response criteria approved for adult and juvenile myositis

April 2017 Health, Research, 1000minds

1000minds was used to create response criteria for adult and juvenile sufferers of myositis, a systemic autoimmune disease. Read more »

Treatments better than antibiotics need developing “now”

March 2017 1000minds, Health, Research

Following the publication of the WHO’s list of 12 deadly diseases in most need of R&D – created using 1000minds – researchers warn New Zealand against complacency. Read more »

1000minds helps World Health Organization prioritize deadliest diseases

February 2017 Health, Research, 1000minds

Created using 1000minds, the World Health Organization published a list of antibiotic-resistant diseases to help prioritize R&D into new antibiotics globally. Read more »

Software co-inventor off to WHO

January 2017 1000minds, Health, Research

Led by the World Health Organization and the University of Tübingen, 70 international specialists are using 1000minds to prioritize antimicrobial-resistant diseases for R&D into new antibiotics. Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2016

November 2016 1000minds

1000minds appears in the 2016 Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by OR/MS Today. Read more »

Better decision-making!

July 2016 1000minds

If you want to make everyday decisions on the go (e.g. using your mobile device), give a go. Sign-up, it’s free! Read more »

MeenyMo – powered by 1000minds – launched!!!

July 2016 1000minds, Highlights

1000minds has released – a FREE web app for everyday decision-making, powered by 1000minds technology. Read more »

1000minds in The Little Black Book of Dunedin Business

November 2014 1000minds

Paul Hansen and 1000minds feature in The Little Black Book of Dunedin Business, which was launched in November in Dunedin, New Zealand. Read more »

1000minds New Features – February 2013

February 2013 News releases, 1000minds

New features released February 2013: sharing access and alternatives entry. Read more »

A problem solved – Country-Wide magazine

February 2013 Agriculture, 1000minds, Highlights

A Problem Solved – an article in Country-Wide magazine, February 2013, about a New Zealand-created software program, 1000minds, going global. Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2012

October 2012 1000minds

1000minds appears in the latest Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by OR/MS Today. Read more »

New features – Sept 2012

September 2012 1000minds

1000minds - new features released September 2012: look and feel, interactive charts and survey tool improvements. Read more »

More 1000minds new features

September 2012 1000minds, News releases

1000minds is pleased to announce the release of a range of new features. Read more »

Spoilt for Choice

January 2011 1000minds

Since 2003, 1000minds software has been helping people and organizations to make decisions in a wide range of areas. And, in the last year or so, things have really taken off. Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2010

October 2010 1000minds

1000minds appears in the Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by OR/MS Today. Read more »

New survey features in 1000minds

March 2010 1000minds, News releases

In March 2010, 1000minds released several new features for its survey tools. Read more »

Economics invention keeps getting better

May 2009 1000minds

Article from D-Scene about new value for money tools from 1000minds. Read more »

New tools to help decision-makers get better value-for-money

May 2009 1000minds, News releases

New features in 1000minds help the private sector and government decision-makers get better ‘value-for-money’ when allocating scarce resources across competing alternative uses. Read more »

Start, manage and grow your business

May 2008 1000minds

1000minds is behind the innovative decision-making software that has grown from being the brainchild of University of Otago economist Paul Hansen to now taking on the world. Read more »

Minds over matter

April 2008 1000minds

What happens when you cross a quirky IT expert with a hyperactive: hippie-styled economist? Read more »

NBR Special Report: Dunedin: University star rates 'let's get in and do it'

October 2007 1000minds, Highlights

Paul Hansen is something of a rock star in Dunedin's academic and entrepreneurial communities. Read more »

1000minds software helps business to prioritize

June 2007 1000minds

1000minds and moves into the US market with patents. Read more »

More kudos for innovative software

June 2006 1000minds, Our awards

1000minds, a program designed at the School of Business to help people and organizations make optimum decisions, continues to reap awards. Read more »

Sharpening up to woo US national security

May 2006 1000minds, Highlights

The owners of an award-winning software program that aids decision-making by ranking user preferences is trying to crack the growing US homeland security market. Read more »

Can't make up your mind? Ask Point Wizard

September 2005 1000minds, Our awards

1000minds at the Asian Wall St Journal's Asian innovation awards, Asia's premier honour for individuals and companies whose ideas improve the quality of life or productivity. Read more »

Upstart takes on three new businesses

August 2005 1000minds

Maths Technology, Point Wizard and Exelite have signed up with Upstart, Dunedin's business incubator. Read more »

Decisions, decisions...

August 2004 1000minds

Dr Hansen, who says he is indecisive himself, has co-invented a clever programme, which, at a few clicks of a mouse, can make sophisticated decisions for you. Read more »

Taking the stress out of decision making

February 2004 1000minds

Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler have invented Point*Wizard, a revolutionary new program that could take some of the stress out of decision-making. Read more »

Wizard development

December 2003 1000minds

Announcing a new software programme designed to provide more accurate rankings of alternatives or individuals and better decision making. Read more »