News articles tagged ‘Agriculture’

Heterogeneity of farmers' preferences for improvements in dairy cow traits

June 2015 Agriculture, Research

1000minds was used to quantify Australian dairy farmers’ preferences for cow trait improvements to inform and ultimately direct the choice of traits and selection indexes. Read more »

Review of dairy breeding objectives for Australia

September 2014 Agriculture

1000minds is helping the Australian dairy industry set the direction of genetic improvements for their cows and bulls, to raise profitability. Read more »

Picking grapes, scoring wines

June 2014 Judging, Agriculture

1000minds is being used to assess and rank wines based on applying Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and involving 13 decision criteria. Read more »

Work and research combine to create superior sheep

March 2014 Agriculture

1000minds was used to develop new methods for ensuring that sheep breeders select the genetically most profitable animals for breeding. Read more »

Science meets the market in China

January 2014 Agriculture

A 1000minds Preferences Survey was used to understand what matters to Chinese consumers with respect to a variety of New Zealand lamb meat characteristics. Read more »

NZAEL releases revised economic values

February 2013 Agriculture, Research

Revised economic values from the National Breeding Objective review of dairy cattle were released by DairyNZ subsidiary NZ Animal Evaluation Ltd. Read more »

A problem solved – Country-Wide magazine

February 2013 Agriculture, 1000minds, Highlights

A Problem Solved – an article in Country-Wide magazine, February 2013, about a New Zealand-created software program, 1000minds, going global. Read more »

Ewe efficiency aim of online project

November 2012 Agriculture, Research

As land use change forces sheep and lamb finishing on to hill country, the focus is firmly on how to lift ewe efficiency using 1000minds. Read more »

Weaning way for merinos

August 2012 Agriculture, Research

Improved weaning percentages and weaning weights lead preferences for Merino breeders. That's the findings of a survey by Sheep Genetics and Meat and Livestock Australia. Read more »

Using estimated breeding values in plant breeding

July 2012 Agriculture

The use of 1000minds for determining the relative importance of specific traits in grass pasture breeding programmes in Australia is discussed. Read more »

How do farmers decide when to renew their pasture?

June 2012 Agriculture, Research

Pasture renewal can be an expensive business but is essential for long-term farm profitability. Read more »

Shaping the dairy cow of the future

October 2011 Agriculture, Research

Dairy farmers get a chance to shape the cow of the future at a national road show over the next month. Read more »

1000minds clarifies sheep and plant breeding objectives

December 2010 Agriculture, Research

The power of 1000minds is that farmers can use it to reveal otherwise hidden factors that have a significant impact on profit and they can then focus selection more on these traits. Read more »