News articles tagged ‘Environment’

Ecologists create new tool for scoring biodiversity of private gardens

May 2022 Sustainability, Environment, Conjoint analysis

A new tool to rate gardens on their level of biodiversity could have key implications for building more ecologically sustainable cities in an increasingly urbanized world. Read more »

Electric or petrol/diesel? Which car would you choose?

June 2021 Environment, Climate change, Research, Highlights

1000minds was used to discover people’s preferences with respect to the relative importance of the main attributes associated with electric relative to petrol/diesel vehicles. Read more »

How legalization of the rhino horn trade could impact rhino welfare

March 2021 Research, 1000minds, Environment

Legalizing the trade in rhino horn could be beneficial for the welfare of rhinoceros, a study using 1000minds shows. Read more »

Managing our fresh water: what are the options?

April 2019 Highlights, Environment

For it's 60th anniversary the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) conducted a survey using 1000minds to illustrate the choices New Zealand might have to make on fresh water policy. Read more »

Advancing marine policy towards ecosystem based management by eliciting public preferences

July 2015 Research, Environment

1000minds is used to elicit people’s willingness to make trade-offs among taxes and four socio-ecological attributes related to marine reserves and customary fishing areas. Read more »

Sustainability challenges of residential reinforced-concrete panel buildings

February 2014 Research, Government, Environment

1000minds is used to discover the preferences of Eastern Europeans with respect to desirable characteristics of residential buildings made from large concrete panels. Read more »

Naenae next in line for a cleanup

July 2009 Environment, Government

GWRC uses 1000minds as an initial assessment tool to help assess a range of environmental, community, regulatory and logistical values and attributes to choose Take Charge areas. Read more »

New software could improve democratic input

July 2008 Environment, Government, Research

Air quality is one of the major concerns people have concerning a $300 million cement plant being built at Weston, near Oamaru, according to information being gathered by Ngaio Fletcher. Read more »

Student examining consents process

May 2008 Environment, Research

The resource consents process for a cement plant proposed by Holcim (New Zealand), near Weston, is being researched by University of Otago student Ngaio Fletcher. Read more »

Seeking Otago Minds for 1000minds Project

May 2008 Environment, Research

University of Otago Master’s student Ngaio Fletcher is inviting residents of the Weston and Oamaru area to participate in new research being undertaken on the proposed Holcim cement plant. Read more »