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Project involving 1000minds named Australasian Project of the Year 2021

March 2022 Climate change, Government, Highlights, Awards, Marketing research

1000minds played a key role in Dunedin City Council’s (DCC) and WSP’s St Clair to St Kilda Coastal Plan engagement project, which was awarded “Australasian Project of the Year”. Read more »

Other Super options preferred

March 2017 Research, Government

Andrew Coleman discussed a range of options for reforming New Zealand Superannuation, based on results from research conducted involving 1000minds. Read more »

Foreign aid: How important is aid effectiveness to people for choosing countries to support?

June 2016 Research, Government

1000minds was used to determine how important aid effectiveness is to people relative to other criteria for choosing countries to support with bilateral foreign aid. Read more »

What do New Zealanders want from their retirement income policies?

July 2015 Government, Research, Highlights

The New Zealand Treasury used 1000minds to explore the preferences of a sample of 1066 New Zealanders concerning retirement income policies. This paper won the NZ Economic Policy Prize. Read more »

Which drugs, medical procedures and equipment should be funded?

April 2015 Health, Government

All health systems must grapple with how best to allocate their scarce resources across the myriad health 'technologies' – drugs, medical procedures, equipment, etc – that are potentially available. Read more »

Sustainability challenges of residential reinforced-concrete panel buildings

February 2014 Research, Government, Environment

1000minds is used to discover the preferences of Eastern Europeans with respect to desirable characteristics of residential buildings made from large concrete panels. Read more »

Access to health care – Radio New Zealand

July 2013 Health, Government

Paul Hansen discusses access to health care in New Zealand, including the use of 1000minds for prioritizing patients for surgery as well as PHARMAC’s role in deciding which drugs and devices to buy. Read more »

Treatment-priority survey

October 2010 Health, Government

If you had to rank 14 health treatments ranging from hip replacements to drugs for erectile dysfunction according to their benefit or value to society, how would you do it? Read more »

Treatment priorities focus of survey

October 2010 Health, Government

How to decide which patients should be given priority treatment in a public health system that has limited funding is a question that should be discussed. Read more »

Computer may prioritize certain health basket drugs

September 2009 Health, Government, Highlights

New software developed in New Zealand and improved in Israel may be used in choosing medications for the health basket. Read more »

Naenae next in line for a cleanup

July 2009 Environment, Government

GWRC uses 1000minds as an initial assessment tool to help assess a range of environmental, community, regulatory and logistical values and attributes to choose Take Charge areas. Read more »

Monetary policy preferences

January 2009 Research, Government, Highlights

1000minds is used to reveal central bankers’ monetary-policy preferences with respect to tradeoffs between inflation and GDP volatility, interest rates and exchange rates. Read more »

New software could improve democratic input

July 2008 Environment, Government, Research

Air quality is one of the major concerns people have concerning a $300 million cement plant being built at Weston, near Oamaru, according to information being gathered by Ngaio Fletcher. Read more »

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe...

July 2008 Health, Government

In every public health system in the world there are never enough so-called ‘elective’ (or non-emergency) services available for everyone who could potentially benefit from them. Read more »

Computer prioritization, Radio NZ

February 2007 Health, Government

Interviews with Deputy Police Commission Lyn Provost on prioritizing investigation of crimes, and Dr Ray Naden on prioritizing access to elective Health services. Read more »

Need the police? Ask the computer

February 2007 Government

Overstretched police may get a helping hand from new computer software designed to decide whether officers investigate cases - or abandon them. Read more »

Digital decisions: software being trialled in health

February 2007 Health, Government

The health ministry has secretly been trialling Dr Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler's computer software to prioritize patients on some waiting lists. Read more »

Valid, transparent & fair decision-making processes for access to elective health care

June 2006 Health, Government, Our awards

Deciding who gets publicly-funded heart surgery is difficult but the use of world-class internet based software is providing a fairer system for patients. Read more »