News articles tagged ‘Highlights’

1000minds used to prioritize drug-resistant bacterial infections to guide R&D into new antibiotics

September 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

The World Health Organization used 1000minds to create a Priority Pathogens List (PPL) of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to support R&D into new and effective drugs. Read more »

New SLE criteria under development: A joint effort of the ACR and EULAR

August 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

1000minds was used to create a new set of criteria for classifying systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a potentially severe autoimmune disease. Read more »

Tool developed to assess autoinflammatory disease burden

December 2016 Highlights, Health, Research

1000minds was used to develop a tool to assess autoinflammatory disease burden, known as the autoinflammatory disease damage index (ADDI). Read more »

Cloud computing adoption decision modelling for SMEs: a conjoint analysis

October 2016 Highlights, Research

1000minds was used to model cloud adoption decision-making by SMEs, and ultimately to choose cloud services and deployment models. Read more »

Economic psychology applied to business: Designing a mobile-banking app

July 2016 Highlights, Research, Marketing research

Concepts from behavioural economics – also known as economic psychology – were used, with support from 1000minds, to generate insights for improving a mobile-banking app. Read more »

MeenyMo – powered by 1000minds – launched!!!

July 2016 1000minds, Highlights

1000minds has released – a FREE web app for everyday decision-making, powered by 1000minds technology. Read more »

Foreign aid: How important is aid effectiveness to people for choosing countries to support?

June 2016 Research, Government, Highlights

1000minds was used to determine how important aid effectiveness is to people relative to other criteria for choosing countries to support with bilateral foreign aid. Read more »

Combining multi-criteria decision analysis and mini-health technology assessment

January 2016 Health, Research, Highlights

A funding decision-support tool suitable for assessing medical devices for individual patient use in French university hospitals was created using 1000minds. Read more »

Ko Awatea International Excellence in Health Improvement Award

September 2015 Highlights, Health, Research, Awards

“The Waikato rheumatology electronic referral project” – for creating, using 1000minds, a new electronic referral and triage system for rheumatology patients. Read more »

What do New Zealanders want from their retirement income policies?

July 2015 Government, Highlights, Research

The New Zealand Treasury used 1000minds to explore the preferences of a sample of 1066 New Zealanders concerning retirement income policies. This paper won the NZ Economic Policy Prize. Read more »