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Picking grapes, scoring wines

June 2014 Judging, Agriculture

1000minds is being used to assess and rank wines based on applying Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and involving 13 decision criteria. Read more »

Free-entry ‘Play’ earns theatre awards

December 2012 Judging

The winners of 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards were announced last night, with the help of 1000minds. Read more »

Judges of Dunedin’s best theatre call in virtual help

December 2012 Judging

Using 1000minds to judge the Dunedin Theatre Awards has resulted in some exciting final nominations, which were announced this week. Read more »

2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards (2)

December 2012 Judging

The 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards nominations are announced. This year marks the introduction of some remarkable technology called 1000minds. Read more »

Fairer theatre awards object of using matrix

November 2012 Judging

The 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards will use 1000minds to help the judges decide on the nominees and winners for the award categories. Read more »

2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards (1)

November 2012 Judging

This year, for the first time ever, 1000minds is being used for judging the 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards. Read more »

Ideas come from 'Bear Baiting'

April 2008 Judging

A bra designed to fit any woman, no matter how asymmetrical, won the University of Otago’s inaugural “Bear Baiting” ideas competition last month. Read more »

Business entrepreneurs to challenge 'bears'

March 2008 Judging

FIVE sets of contestants will battle it out in the finals of a University of Otago 'bear-baiting' event later this month, aimed at rewarding top new business ideas. Read more »