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TUANZ announces Innovation Awards finalists

August 2009 Study choices, Our awards

1000minds is a finalist for the TUANZ Education Award 2009. Read more »

Bayer Innovators Awards – Creative environment spurs growth

July 2008 Our awards

1000minds is up for a Bayer Innovators Award. Read more »

1000minds wins a Consensus Software Award

May 2007 Our awards

1000minds wins a Consensus Software Award Read more »

1000minds. Finalist innovation

December 2006 Our awards

1000minds is a finalist for the 2006 Westpac Otago Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. Read more »

Valid, transparent & fair decision-making processes for access to elective health care

June 2006 Health, Government, Our awards

Deciding who gets publicly-funded heart surgery is difficult but the use of world-class internet based software is providing a fairer system for patients. Read more »

More kudos for innovative software

June 2006 1000minds, Our awards

1000minds, a program designed at the School of Business to help people and organizations make optimum decisions, continues to reap awards. Read more »

Can't make up your mind? Ask Point Wizard

September 2005 1000minds, Our awards

1000minds at the Asian Wall St Journal's Asian innovation awards, Asia's premier honour for individuals and companies whose ideas improve the quality of life or productivity. Read more »

Neck-to-neck fight for the GES Awards 2005

September 2005 Our awards

The finalists for the Global Entrepolis @ Singapore award come from distinctly different backgrounds but have one thing in common – they either improve business productivity or the quality of life. Read more »

Asian Innovation Awards: contenders stress different ways of thinking

September 2005 Our awards, Highlights

Point Wizard [1000minds] is one of six finalists for the Global Entrepolis@Singapore Award, presented by The Asian Wall Street Journal in association with the Economic Development Board of Singapore. Read more »

Point Wizard conjures magic

September 2005 Our awards, Health

1000minds is a finalist in The Asian Wall Street Journal’s annual Asian Innovation Awards later this month. Read more »

Winner! TUANZ Healthcare Award 2005

August 2005 Our awards, Health

Point Wizard [1000minds] won the 2005 TUANZ Healthcare Award. Read more »