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A tough decision Now No Major Drama

March 2012 Study choices

One of the toughest decisions school leavers face is ‘what should I specialise in at university?’ Read more »

Good Choice

October 2011 Study choices

Helping business people and students make better decisions - Graduate Factory and No Major Drama. Read more »

BellaOnline - No Major Drama - Major Selection Tool

April 2011 Study choices

Susan D. Bates interviews Paul Hansen about No Major Drama (NMD), an Internet-based tool that is designed to help prospective college students select a college major (field of study). Read more »

Tool to help pick the right major for you

March 2011 Study choices

What should I be? These days, it is a $200,000 question. But now, a group at the University of Otago have come up with a solution to what is one of life's most important decisions: No Major Drama. Read more »

What degree should you go for?

March 2011 Study choices

New Zealand company Graduate Factory has come up with a solution to one of the most important decisions in a person's life: What should you major in at university? Read more »

Computer says no

March 2010 Study choices

Otago Choice asks users to answer questions on their interests and then ranks the 105 major subjects offered at Otago according to how closely they accord with those identified interests. Read more »

TUANZ announces Innovation Awards finalists

August 2009 Study choices, Our awards

1000minds is a finalist for the TUANZ Education Award 2009. Read more »

Choice way to choose course options

July 2008 Study choices

1000minds has developed an internet-based program that helps tertiary students plan their preferred course of undergraduate study. Read more »

Course choices made easier with software

July 2008 Study choices

Otago Choice (based on 1000minds technology) launched at Otago University to help students choose subjects to major in. Read more »