1000minds and its applications in an extraordinarily wide range of areas has received a lot of attention (since 2003), for which we are very grateful.

Ecologists create new tool for scoring biodiversity of private gardens

May 2022 Sustainability, Environment, Conjoint analysis

A new tool to rate gardens on their level of biodiversity could have key implications for building more ecologically sustainable cities in an increasingly urbanized world. Read more »

Lockdown design: Which features of lockdowns are most important to Covid-19 experts?

March 2022 Research, Highlights, Covid-19

A 1000minds conjoint analysis survey was used to find out how Covid-19 experts feel about the relative importance of possible lockdown features in terms of how they are experienced. Read more »

Project involving 1000minds named Australasian Project of the Year 2021

March 2022 Climate change, Government, Highlights, Awards, Marketing research

1000minds played a key role in Dunedin City Council’s (DCC) and WSP’s St Clair to St Kilda Coastal Plan engagement project, which was awarded “Australasian Project of the Year”. Read more »

New tool to assess the wellbeing of lion cubs in the wildlife tourism industry

December 2021 Research

Managers of controversial wildlife interaction facilities, such as lion farms and petting zoos, can use the tool to assess if cubs are cared for in an ethical way. Read more »

How does 1000minds differ from machine learning?

August 2021 1000minds, Technology

Despite the ‘intelligence’ demonstrated by machine learning algorithms, blindly trusting them can lead to dangerous decision-making. How does the 1000minds PAPRIKA method relate to machine learning? Read more »

Introducing new tour feature for trade-offs

July 2021 1000minds

A new tour feature – a step-by-step introduction – is available for navigating the trade-offs step and answering the trade-off questions in 1000minds. Read more »

Balancing relative states of health tricky act

July 2021 Health, Research

1000minds was used to value people’s health-related quality of life (HRQoL) as represented on the EQ-5D-5L health classification system. Read more »

‘Noisy’ expert judgements

June 2021 1000minds, Health, Highlights

Daniel Kahneman’s latest book, "Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment", reveals the enormous variability – ‘noise’ – in experts’ judgements and recommends using criteria and weights for decision-making. Read more »

Electric or petrol/diesel? Which car would you choose?

June 2021 Environment, Climate change, Research, Highlights

1000minds was used to discover people’s preferences with respect to the relative importance of the main attributes associated with electric relative to petrol/diesel vehicles. Read more »

1000minds offers $2000 scholarships for decision-making and conjoint analysis research

June 2021 1000minds, Academic

1000minds is proud to offer two $2000 USD scholarships each year to post-graduate students worldwide for research projects involving decision-making or conjoint analysis. Read more »

New 1000minds decision-making course available on GoSkills

May 2021 1000minds

The course compiles our tutorial videos, packaged together with exercises and quizzes to help you learn how to use 1000minds to make reliable and effective decisions. Read more »

What do people look for when donating to international charities?

May 2021 Nonprofit

Participants were presented a 1000minds conjoint analysis survey with the goal of figuring out which characteristics matter most when donating money to international charities. Read more »

New webinar announcement

April 2021 Other

1000minds is excited to offer a new webinar for health professionals, administrators, and policy-makers based in the western hemisphere Read more »

How health experts developed a prioritization tool for intensive care under COVID19

April 2021 Other

1000minds was used to rapidly develop a decision-support tool for prioritizing Covid-19 patients for admission to intensive care units (ICUs). Read more »

How legalization of the rhino horn trade could impact rhino welfare

March 2021 Research, 1000minds, Environment

Legalizing the trade in rhino horn could be beneficial for the welfare of rhinoceros, a study using 1000minds shows. Read more »

Accuracy statistic – new feature

March 2021 1000minds

1000minds has released a new accuracy statistic, giving you the power to tune the accuracy of your decision models, especially when scores (rather than ranks) matter, e.g. in cost-benefit analysis. Read more »

1000minds partners with German consulting firm CHOICEMINER

January 2021 1000minds

1000minds has partnered with German consulting firm CHOICEMINER to support 1000minds decision-making software in Germany and also to provide German-speaking support for Europe. Read more »

New tool to help prioritize people for COVID-19 vaccinations

January 2021 Health, Highlights

To support countries battling the pandemic, 1000minds has made available a tool to help with prioritizing people to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. Read more »

New Zealand health agencies use 1000minds to develop a general surgery prioritization tool

October 2020 Health, Research, Highlights

1000minds was used to develop a national prioritization tool for elective general surgery in New Zealand, which could be applicable to other OECD countries. Read more »

1000minds helps doctors prioritize COVID-19 patients for intensive care and hospitalization

September 2020 Health, Research, Highlights

1000minds was used to create an online tool for prioritizing Covid-19 patients for intensive care (e.g. respirators, life support) if ICUs are overwhelmed. Read more »

A new online tool for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets

January 2020 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

Research results for a new online tool based on 1000minds for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets, for measuring people's health-related quality of life, is reported. Read more »

A new version of 1000minds

October 2019 1000minds

An introduction to the new features and changes introduced in the major October 2019 update to 1000minds. Read more »

App to assist drinkers with wine selection

September 2019 1000minds, Highlights

1000minds was used to create the weights for the algorithm at the heart of wine-tasting app Wine inMind, available from Apple's App Store, for people to rate wine themselves. Read more »

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) in healthcare decision-making

April 2019 Health, Research, Highlights

A survey article about the use of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (including 1000minds) for health sector decision-making appeared in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance. Read more »

Managing our fresh water: what are the options?

April 2019 Highlights, Environment

For it's 60th anniversary the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) conducted a survey using 1000minds to illustrate the choices New Zealand might have to make on fresh water policy. Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2018

April 2019 1000minds

1000minds appears in the latest Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by ORMS Today. Read more »

Paul Hansen's Inaugural Professorial Lecture

September 2018 1000minds, Highlights

"Choices are the hinges of destiny.” (Pythagoras, c. 500 BC)... Can we help people make better ones? Join Paul for his Inaugural Professorial Lecture. Read more »

1000minds helps make world’s decisions

July 2018 1000minds

Since 2003, 1000minds has been helping people and organizations with their decision-making and also to understand people's preferences via conjoint analysis. Read more »

1000minds used to prioritize drug-resistant bacterial infections to guide R&D into new antibiotics

September 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

The World Health Organization used 1000minds to create a Priority Pathogens List (PPL) of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to support R&D into new and effective drugs. Read more »

New SLE criteria under development: A joint effort of the ACR and EULAR

August 2017 Health, Research, Highlights, 1000minds

1000minds was used to create a new set of criteria for classifying systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a potentially severe autoimmune disease. Read more »

ACR/EULAR response criteria approved for adult and juvenile myositis

April 2017 Health, Research, 1000minds

1000minds was used to create response criteria for adult and juvenile sufferers of myositis, a systemic autoimmune disease. Read more »

Other Super options preferred

March 2017 Research, Government

Andrew Coleman discussed a range of options for reforming New Zealand Superannuation, based on results from research conducted involving 1000minds. Read more »

Treatments better than antibiotics need developing “now”

March 2017 1000minds, Health, Research

Following the publication of the WHO’s list of 12 deadly diseases in most need of R&D – created using 1000minds – researchers warn New Zealand against complacency. Read more »

1000minds helps World Health Organization prioritize deadliest diseases

February 2017 Health, Research, 1000minds

Created using 1000minds, the World Health Organization published a list of antibiotic-resistant diseases to help prioritize R&D into new antibiotics globally. Read more »

Software co-inventor off to WHO

January 2017 1000minds, Health, Research

Led by the World Health Organization and the University of Tübingen, 70 international specialists are using 1000minds to prioritize antimicrobial-resistant diseases for R&D into new antibiotics. Read more »

Tool developed to assess autoinflammatory disease burden

December 2016 Health, Research

1000minds was used to develop a tool to assess autoinflammatory disease burden, known as the autoinflammatory disease damage index (ADDI). Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2016

November 2016 1000minds

1000minds appears in the 2016 Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by OR/MS Today. Read more »

Cloud computing adoption decision modelling for SMEs: a conjoint analysis

October 2016 Research

1000minds was used to model cloud adoption decision-making by SMEs, and ultimately to choose cloud services and deployment models. Read more »

Better decision-making!

July 2016 1000minds

If you want to make everyday decisions on the go (e.g. using your mobile device), give meenymo.com a go. Sign-up, it’s free! Read more »

Economic psychology applied to business: Designing a mobile-banking app

July 2016 Research, Marketing research

Concepts from behavioral economics – also known as economic psychology – were used, with support from 1000minds, to generate insights for improving a mobile-banking app. Read more »

MeenyMo – powered by 1000minds – launched!!!

July 2016 1000minds, Highlights

1000minds has released meenymo.com – a FREE web app for everyday decision-making, powered by 1000minds technology. Read more »

Foreign aid: How important is aid effectiveness to people for choosing countries to support?

June 2016 Research, Government

1000minds was used to determine how important aid effectiveness is to people relative to other criteria for choosing countries to support with bilateral foreign aid. Read more »

Combining multi-criteria decision analysis and mini-health technology assessment

January 2016 Health, Research

A funding decision-support tool suitable for assessing medical devices for individual patient use in French university hospitals was created using 1000minds. Read more »

ACR: Criteria enable prompt diagnosis and treatment of CAPS

November 2015 Health, Research

New diagnostic criteria for cryopyrin-associated periodic syndromes (CAPS) created using 1000minds were presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology. Read more »

ACR: New Sjögren’s classification criteria on the way

November 2015 Health, Research

New classification criteria for Sjögren’s syndrome created using 1000minds are ready for sign-off by the American College of Rheumatology and the European League Against Rheumatism. Read more »

Development of preliminary remission criteria for gout using Delphi and 1000minds

September 2015 Health, Research

Delphi and 1000minds consensus exercises were used to establish consensus for potential remission criteria for use in clinical trials of gout. Read more »

Ko Awatea International Excellence in Health Improvement Award

September 2015 Health, Research, Awards

“The Waikato rheumatology electronic referral project” – for creating, using 1000minds, a new electronic referral and triage system for rheumatology patients. Read more »

An attribute prioritization-based segmentation of the Chinese consumer market for fruit juice

September 2015 Research, Marketing research

1000minds is used to study how Chinese consumers prioritize product attributes like brand, nutrition, shelf-life, price and manufacturing country when making fruit juice purchasing decisions. Read more »

2015 Gout Classification Criteria: An ACR/ELAR Collaborative Initiative

September 2015 Health, Research

International researchers, supported by the American College of Rheumatology and the European League Against Rheumatism, developed new classification criteria for gout using 1000minds. Read more »

Development of a points system for determining access to rheumatology services

August 2015 Health, Research

A group of clinicians used 1000minds to create a points system for determining access to rheumatology services in New Zealand. Read more »

Advancing marine policy towards ecosystem based management by eliciting public preferences

July 2015 Research, Environment

1000minds is used to elicit people’s willingness to make trade-offs among taxes and four socio-ecological attributes related to marine reserves and customary fishing areas. Read more »

What do New Zealanders want from their retirement income policies?

July 2015 Government, Research, Highlights

The New Zealand Treasury used 1000minds to explore the preferences of a sample of 1066 New Zealanders concerning retirement income policies. This paper won the NZ Economic Policy Prize. Read more »

Heterogeneity of farmers' preferences for improvements in dairy cow traits

June 2015 Agriculture, Research

1000minds was used to quantify Australian dairy farmers’ preferences for cow trait improvements to inform and ultimately direct the choice of traits and selection indexes. Read more »

New ACR EULAR Guidelines for Systemic Sclerosis Classification

May 2015 Health, Research

An international team of experts used 1000minds to create disease classification criteria for systemic sclerosis, to identify homogenous groups of subjects for participation in research studies. Read more »

Which drugs, medical procedures and equipment should be funded?

April 2015 Health, Government

All health systems must grapple with how best to allocate their scarce resources across the myriad health 'technologies' – drugs, medical procedures, equipment, etc – that are potentially available. Read more »

1000minds in The Little Black Book of Dunedin Business

November 2014 1000minds

Paul Hansen and 1000minds feature in The Little Black Book of Dunedin Business, which was launched in November in Dunedin, New Zealand. Read more »

Review of dairy breeding objectives for Australia

September 2014 Agriculture

1000minds is helping the Australian dairy industry set the direction of genetic improvements for their cows and bulls, to raise profitability. Read more »

Developing countries in need: Which characteristics appeal most to people when donating money?

June 2014 Research

1000minds was used to discover the relative importance of five characteristics of developing countries considered by people when choosing countries to donate money to. Read more »

Picking grapes, scoring wines

June 2014 Judging, Agriculture

1000minds is being used to assess and rank wines based on applying Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and involving 13 decision criteria. Read more »

Work and research combine to create superior sheep

March 2014 Agriculture

1000minds was used to develop new methods for ensuring that sheep breeders select the genetically most profitable animals for breeding. Read more »

Sustainability challenges of residential reinforced-concrete panel buildings

February 2014 Research, Government, Environment

1000minds is used to discover the preferences of Eastern Europeans with respect to desirable characteristics of residential buildings made from large concrete panels. Read more »

Science meets the market in China

January 2014 Agriculture

A 1000minds Preferences Survey was used to understand what matters to Chinese consumers with respect to a variety of New Zealand lamb meat characteristics. Read more »

Charitable giving: How recipient-country characteristics influence donors' behavior

September 2013 Research

Which characteristics of countries receiving aid matter most to people when they give money to charities, and what is their relative importance? Read more »

Harvesting solar energy in sunny Dunedin

September 2013 Climate change, Research

What do Dunedin home owners value the most about rooftop photovoltaic systems when they think about using them to power their homes? Read more »

Access to health care – Radio New Zealand

July 2013 Health, Government

Paul Hansen discusses access to health care in New Zealand, including the use of 1000minds for prioritizing patients for surgery as well as PHARMAC’s role in deciding which drugs and devices to buy. Read more »

NZAEL releases revised economic values

February 2013 Agriculture, Research

Revised economic values from the National Breeding Objective review of dairy cattle were released by DairyNZ subsidiary NZ Animal Evaluation Ltd. Read more »

1000minds New Features – February 2013

February 2013 News releases, 1000minds

New features released February 2013: sharing access and alternatives entry. Read more »

A problem solved – Country-Wide magazine

February 2013 Agriculture, 1000minds, Highlights

A Problem Solved – an article in Country-Wide magazine, February 2013, about a New Zealand-created software program, 1000minds, going global. Read more »

A new framework for prioritizing health technologies

January 2013 Research, Health, News releases, Highlights

The Value for Money Chart is a framework for health technology prioritization to help policymakers consider benefits, costs, evidence and 'X-factors'. Read more »

Free-entry ‘Play’ earns theatre awards

December 2012 Judging

The winners of 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards were announced last night, with the help of 1000minds. Read more »

Judges of Dunedin’s best theatre call in virtual help

December 2012 Judging

Using 1000minds to judge the Dunedin Theatre Awards has resulted in some exciting final nominations, which were announced this week. Read more »

2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards (2)

December 2012 Judging

The 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards nominations are announced. This year marks the introduction of some remarkable technology called 1000minds. Read more »

Ewe efficiency aim of online project

November 2012 Agriculture, Research

As land use change forces sheep and lamb finishing on to hill country, the focus is firmly on how to lift ewe efficiency using 1000minds. Read more »

Fairer theatre awards object of using matrix

November 2012 Judging

The 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards will use 1000minds to help the judges decide on the nominees and winners for the award categories. Read more »

2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards (1)

November 2012 Judging

This year, for the first time ever, 1000minds is being used for judging the 2012 Dunedin Theatre Awards. Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2012

October 2012 1000minds

1000minds appears in the latest Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by OR/MS Today. Read more »

New features – Sept 2012

September 2012 1000minds

1000minds - new features released September 2012: look and feel, interactive charts and survey tool improvements. Read more »

More 1000minds new features

September 2012 1000minds, News releases

1000minds is pleased to announce the release of a range of new features. Read more »

Weaning way for merinos

August 2012 Agriculture, Research

Improved weaning percentages and weaning weights lead preferences for Merino breeders. That's the findings of a survey by Sheep Genetics and Meat and Livestock Australia. Read more »

A process for prioritizing patients for health services

August 2012 Health, News releases, Research

A new process for creating points systems for prioritizing patients for access to elective health services is described, based on 1000minds. Read more »

Using estimated breeding values in plant breeding

July 2012 Agriculture

The use of 1000minds for determining the relative importance of specific traits in grass pasture breeding programmes in Australia is discussed. Read more »

How do farmers decide when to renew their pasture?

June 2012 Agriculture, Research

Pasture renewal can be an expensive business but is essential for long-term farm profitability. Read more »

Make better decisions with electronic robot Ask George!

March 2012 Research

When you have to buy robots for millions of dollars it's important to make priorities clear, as supported by a new tool from Lars Dalgaard of the Danish Technological Institute. Read more »

A tough decision Now No Major Drama

March 2012 Study choices

One of the toughest decisions school leavers face is ‘what should I specialise in at university?’ Read more »

Good Choice

October 2011 Study choices

Helping business people and students make better decisions - Graduate Factory and No Major Drama. Read more »

Shaping the dairy cow of the future

October 2011 Agriculture, Research

Dairy farmers get a chance to shape the cow of the future at a national road show over the next month. Read more »

1000minds MCDA software – implementing the PAPRIKA method

April 2011 Other

Article from EURO Working Group on Multicriteria Decision Aiding about 1000minds and the inner workings of its algorithms. Read more »

BellaOnline - No Major Drama - Major Selection Tool

April 2011 Study choices

Susan D. Bates interviews Paul Hansen about No Major Drama (NMD), an Internet-based tool that is designed to help prospective college students select a college major (field of study). Read more »

Implications of geo-engineering schemes for New Zealand

March 2011 Research, Climate change

A Royal Society of New Zealand workshop used 1000minds to assess geo-engineering schemes to combat global warming. Read more »

Tool to help pick the right major for you

March 2011 Study choices

What should I be? These days, it is a $200,000 question. But now, a group at the University of Otago have come up with a solution to what is one of life's most important decisions: No Major Drama. Read more »

What degree should you go for?

March 2011 Study choices

New Zealand company Graduate Factory has come up with a solution to one of the most important decisions in a person's life: What should you major in at university? Read more »

The implications of geoengineering schemes for New Zealand

March 2011 Research, Climate change

Next week around 40 scientists and policymakers will meet in Wellington to familiarise themselves with the principles behind geoengineering. Read more »

Spoilt for Choice

January 2011 1000minds

Since 2003, 1000minds software has been helping people and organizations to make decisions in a wide range of areas. And, in the last year or so, things have really taken off. Read more »

1000minds clarifies sheep and plant breeding objectives

December 2010 Agriculture, Research

The power of 1000minds is that farmers can use it to reveal otherwise hidden factors that have a significant impact on profit and they can then focus selection more on these traits. Read more »

Treatment-priority survey

October 2010 Health, Government

If you had to rank 14 health treatments ranging from hip replacements to drugs for erectile dysfunction according to their benefit or value to society, how would you do it? Read more »

Treatment priorities focus of survey

October 2010 Health, Government

How to decide which patients should be given priority treatment in a public health system that has limited funding is a question that should be discussed. Read more »

Decision Analysis Software Survey 2010

October 2010 1000minds

1000minds appears in the Decision Analysis Software Survey conducted by OR/MS Today. Read more »

Geo-Engineering Implications: An Interactive Workshop

September 2010 Research, Climate change, Highlights

The Royal Society of New Zealand is conducting an interactive workshop on Geo-Engineering with the assistance of Philip Boyd, University of Otago, and Franz Ombler, 1000minds. Read more »

ACR & EULAR debut new RA classification criteria in August

August 2010 Health, Research

This month, the ACR and the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) will release new rheumatoid arthritis (RA) classification criteria. Read more »

Computer says no

March 2010 Study choices

Otago Choice asks users to answer questions on their interests and then ranks the 105 major subjects offered at Otago according to how closely they accord with those identified interests. Read more »

New survey features in 1000minds

March 2010 1000minds, News releases

In March 2010, 1000minds released several new features for its survey tools. Read more »

Computer may prioritize certain health basket drugs

September 2009 Health, Government, Highlights

New software developed in New Zealand and improved in Israel may be used in choosing medications for the health basket. Read more »

TUANZ announces Innovation Awards finalists

August 2009 Study choices, Our awards

1000minds is a finalist for the TUANZ Education Award 2009. Read more »

Naenae next in line for a cleanup

July 2009 Environment, Government

GWRC uses 1000minds as an initial assessment tool to help assess a range of environmental, community, regulatory and logistical values and attributes to choose Take Charge areas. Read more »

Economics invention keeps getting better

May 2009 1000minds

Article from D-Scene about new value for money tools from 1000minds. Read more »

New tools to help decision-makers get better value-for-money

May 2009 1000minds, News releases

New features in 1000minds help the private sector and government decision-makers get better ‘value-for-money’ when allocating scarce resources across competing alternative uses. Read more »

Monetary policy preferences

January 2009 Research, Government, Highlights

1000minds is used to reveal central bankers’ monetary-policy preferences with respect to tradeoffs between inflation and GDP volatility, interest rates and exchange rates. Read more »

Decision analysis – find a tool that fits

December 2008 Other

Analytics Magazine reviews the state of decision analysis tools, including 1000minds. Read more »

Choice way to choose course options

July 2008 Study choices

1000minds has developed an internet-based program that helps tertiary students plan their preferred course of undergraduate study. Read more »

New software could improve democratic input

July 2008 Environment, Government, Research

Air quality is one of the major concerns people have concerning a $300 million cement plant being built at Weston, near Oamaru, according to information being gathered by Ngaio Fletcher. Read more »

Bayer Innovators Awards – Creative environment spurs growth

July 2008 Our awards

1000minds is up for a Bayer Innovators Award. Read more »

Course choices made easier with software

July 2008 Study choices

Otago Choice (based on 1000minds technology) launched at Otago University to help students choose subjects to major in. Read more »

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe...

July 2008 Health, Government

In every public health system in the world there are never enough so-called ‘elective’ (or non-emergency) services available for everyone who could potentially benefit from them. Read more »

Student examining consents process

May 2008 Environment, Research

The resource consents process for a cement plant proposed by Holcim (New Zealand), near Weston, is being researched by University of Otago student Ngaio Fletcher. Read more »

Start, manage and grow your business

May 2008 1000minds

1000minds is behind the innovative decision-making software that has grown from being the brainchild of University of Otago economist Paul Hansen to now taking on the world. Read more »

Seeking Otago Minds for 1000minds Project

May 2008 Environment, Research

University of Otago Master’s student Ngaio Fletcher is inviting residents of the Weston and Oamaru area to participate in new research being undertaken on the proposed Holcim cement plant. Read more »

Ideas come from 'Bear Baiting'

April 2008 Judging

A bra designed to fit any woman, no matter how asymmetrical, won the University of Otago’s inaugural “Bear Baiting” ideas competition last month. Read more »

Minds over matter

April 2008 1000minds

What happens when you cross a quirky IT expert with a hyperactive: hippie-styled economist? Read more »

Business entrepreneurs to challenge 'bears'

March 2008 Judging

FIVE sets of contestants will battle it out in the finals of a University of Otago 'bear-baiting' event later this month, aimed at rewarding top new business ideas. Read more »

NBR Special Report: Dunedin: University star rates 'let's get in and do it'

October 2007 1000minds, Highlights

Paul Hansen is something of a rock star in Dunedin's academic and entrepreneurial communities. Read more »

1000minds software helps business to prioritize

June 2007 1000minds

1000minds and moves into the US market with patents. Read more »

1000minds wins a Consensus Software Award

May 2007 Our awards

1000minds wins a Consensus Software Award Read more »

Computer prioritization, Radio NZ

February 2007 Health, Government

Interviews with Deputy Police Commission Lyn Provost on prioritizing investigation of crimes, and Dr Ray Naden on prioritizing access to elective Health services. Read more »

Need the police? Ask the computer

February 2007 Government

Overstretched police may get a helping hand from new computer software designed to decide whether officers investigate cases - or abandon them. Read more »

Digital decisions: software being trialled in health

February 2007 Health, Government

The health ministry has secretly been trialling Dr Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler's computer software to prioritize patients on some waiting lists. Read more »

1000minds. Finalist innovation

December 2006 Our awards

1000minds is a finalist for the 2006 Westpac Otago Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. Read more »

Valid, transparent & fair decision-making processes for access to elective health care

June 2006 Health, Government, Our awards

Deciding who gets publicly-funded heart surgery is difficult but the use of world-class internet based software is providing a fairer system for patients. Read more »

More kudos for innovative software

June 2006 1000minds, Our awards

1000minds, a program designed at the School of Business to help people and organizations make optimum decisions, continues to reap awards. Read more »

Sharpening up to woo US national security

May 2006 1000minds, Highlights

The owners of an award-winning software program that aids decision-making by ranking user preferences is trying to crack the growing US homeland security market. Read more »

Can't make up your mind? Ask Point Wizard

September 2005 1000minds, Our awards

1000minds at the Asian Wall St Journal's Asian innovation awards, Asia's premier honour for individuals and companies whose ideas improve the quality of life or productivity. Read more »

Neck-to-neck fight for the GES Awards 2005

September 2005 Our awards

The finalists for the Global Entrepolis @ Singapore award come from distinctly different backgrounds but have one thing in common – they either improve business productivity or the quality of life. Read more »

Asian Innovation Awards: contenders stress different ways of thinking

September 2005 Our awards, Highlights

Point Wizard [1000minds] is one of six finalists for the Global Entrepolis@Singapore Award, presented by The Asian Wall Street Journal in association with the Economic Development Board of Singapore. Read more »

Wizard way of choosing right pub

September 2005 Other

Using software they developed, Dunedin men Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler now offer a free web-based guide to help users choose the ideal drinking establishment. Read more »

Point Wizard conjures magic

September 2005 Our awards, Health

1000minds is a finalist in The Asian Wall Street Journal’s annual Asian Innovation Awards later this month. Read more »

Winner! TUANZ Healthcare Award 2005

August 2005 Our awards, Health

Point Wizard [1000minds] won the 2005 TUANZ Healthcare Award. Read more »

Upstart takes on three new businesses

August 2005 1000minds

Maths Technology, Point Wizard and Exelite have signed up with Upstart, Dunedin's business incubator. Read more »

Dial a decision

February 2005 Other

You’re on your way to a barbecue and you stop at the supermarket to pick up a bottle of wine. You want to limit the damage to your wallet, but you want to buy something decent. How do you choose? Read more »

Decisions, decisions...

August 2004 1000minds

Dr Hansen, who says he is indecisive himself, has co-invented a clever programme, which, at a few clicks of a mouse, can make sophisticated decisions for you. Read more »

Taking the stress out of decision making

February 2004 1000minds

Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler have invented Point*Wizard, a revolutionary new program that could take some of the stress out of decision-making. Read more »

Wizard development

December 2003 1000minds

Announcing a new software programme designed to provide more accurate rankings of alternatives or individuals and better decision making. Read more »